Perfect Back-to-School Snack: Monster Pop

Whether we are ready or not, here they come. School lunches and snacks are back.

But finding a healthy #backtoschool snack is always a challenge. They are either full of unknown ingredients or sugars. And if you anything like me, they already get enough junk as it is.

Don’t stress though.

I found one back-to-school snack that is delicious, gluten free, non- GMO, kosher and only has 4 ingredients. Let me show you.

This blog post is sponsored by but all opinions are my own.

First of all, even as a stay at home mom, mornings are hectic around here. We don’t have the time to make cute Pinterest-worthy snacks for the kids. I love easy, simple but healthy choices. Monster Pop is one of them.

Monster Pop Big-Time Popcorn does not contain trans fat, added sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. Tasty and nutritious. Nothing fake.

It comes in two delicious flavors with fun monsters as their mascots. Let’s meet them:

Bud the Big-Time Butter

Ooops, sorry. That’s just my #monsterpop monster, Donnie. Here is the real Bud the Big-Time Butter Monster.

Cas the Cheeseriffic Cheese

The kids really get a kick out of the monsters and if you go on their website you can learn so much more about them. Like their age, favorite shoes, likes and dislikes. Super fun! But the taste is really what makes this snack the best.

It is easy to pack because it is prepackaged. It stays fresh and doesn’t get destroyed in the backpack. Plus the kids really do love and ask for it. Monster PoP! is a healthy option for even the pickiest eaters.

Donnie was super impressed with the ingredients too.

monster pop

For now they are only available online at but keep an eye out. They may be coming to a store near you.

In the meantime, take advantage of my 25% OFF code: MOMSMEET25!

Until next time, stay safe and have fun friends.

x, Dijana


Hazel Eyes Mom

Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together. x, Dijana

2 thoughts on “Perfect Back-to-School Snack: Monster Pop

  1. I might try those since my daughter is not a popcorn lover and I don’t know my limits
    So anything portioned out is a win in my books. Lol 💛

  2. Gotta try these… may have to hide from my kids though. Haven’t seen them around so going to keep looking!!☺️💛

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