Kids Sleep Better with Pact Dream Big Pajamas pact dream big pajamas

When it comes to pajamas, cotton is all we wear.

As a kid, I witnessed my dads sever allergic reaction to anything other than cotton. Watching him breakout in hives whenever he put on any article of clothing that wasn’t cotton, was hard. My mom really went out of her way and tried her best to make sure we ALL wore cotton clothing as much as possible. But believe it or not, that was harder than you would think. Almost everything these days is made with mixed textiles.

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For this reason, I now do the same.

My son sweats a ton and because cotton is super absorbent, it really makes a difference on his quality of sleep. Plus he breaks out in hives just like my dad and finding quality sleepwear is crucial. But lucky for me, I have Pact. dream big pajamas
Dream Big Pajamas 2-Pack

Pact is an apparel company on a mission to make Earth’s Favorite™ Clothing. They make pajamas so soft, breathable, and it’s 100% organic cotton! That makes this mama heart super happy. They make their clothing and jammies without toxic chemicals and with 91% less water than conventional cotton.

This process not only supports a healthy planet by using natural farming practices and contributing to Fair Trade initiatives, but also creates clothing that is better for the world, and better for your family. By choosing certified organic cotton from Pact, you’re supporting water conservation efforts, too. And who doesn’t love that? dream big pajamas
Dream Big Pajamas 2-Pack

You can purchase Dream Big Pajamas at

Dream Big Pajamas provide a snug fit for safety. They have a convenient pull-on waistband and banded cuffs at the wrists and ankles. All Dream Big Pajamas for kids are made with a tagless label on the back to prevent discomfort and skin irritation and the fabric is prewashed and shrink resistant.

So far, they have been his favorite. They come in a set of 2 and he not only loves how soft they are and how comfortable he really is but how much fun he has mixing and matching the tops and bottoms. The fun prints make him super happy too.

As a mom, I love that they come in variety of sizes and make fantastic gifts too: 18 months through size 10. dream big pajamas dream big pajamas dream big pajamas

Look at this face! This should tell you everything. Bed hair and all 🙂 dream big pajamas

x, Dijana

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(12) Comments

  1. They look so comfy! I was just looking for pjs for the girls!

    1. They will love Pact!

  2. Amina says:

    These look so soft and comfy! Our pajama game is strong! Thinking of the fam winter I wanna try these!! 😘

    1. Awe yay. Don’t forget to use the coupon!!!

  3. Senada Basic says:

    Love them ! I have to get some for my kids! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading ♡

  4. Jasna says:

    Wish they made this in bigger size for us adults. 😉 You are absolutely right, it is very challenging to find clothes that is 100% cotton, it always has something else.

    1. Right? I want some too🤣

  5. Vil says:

    Oh I need these for Kayden. They are so cuuute. And he is such a cutie!

    1. Thanks mama ♡

  6. Aldijana says:

    Super cute! I’ll have to get my hands in some 🤩

    1. Yay ♡

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