Chores for kids ages 3 to 10

How to help kids be more responsible?

I always say: I am one confused mama. I constantly struggle between letting kids be “kids” and using life lessons to teach responsibility. I find that just like many things in life, these two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We can do both but all in due time.

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10 things I’ve learned about myself – in our 10 years of marriage

Marriage isn’t always easy. Merging two personalities and years of life and experiences prior to uniting can be beautiful yet challenging. Adding children, jobs, homes, sacrifices and new encounters bring on a whole other set of trials. But through all of that, there is growth. There is maturity and sometimes immaturity. But most of all there is awareness. Awareness and rediscovery.

That is what I have here for you today. Ten ways I have REDISCOVERED myself. 


It took time and a lot of trial and errors but even this old dog learned a few new tricks along the way. 

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Mommy meltdown!

Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right? Deep down inside you had a feeling like something was off. Your mind, body and soul were just not in sync?!

Your head was spinning and more then usual. You were forgetting simple tasks and even groceries at the store. And I mean, you paid for hot dogs but left the bag at the register, type of forgetting.

Well that was me. For the past couple of weeks. Something was not right.

I felt tired but I wasn’t.

I felt sick but not really.

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