Meaningful Graduation Gift Ideas

We have two graduations this May. An 8th grade and a high school graduation. Both are exceptional kids and deserve the world. But they are both so different and finding the perfect but meaningful gift can be challenging. So while I searched the www, I’ve compiled a list of things that are popular amongst graduates these days.

Cell phones.

I think it’s safe to say that this will be a number one gift for a long time. They are a big deal at both elementary and high school levels. They either want A NEW PHONE or an upgraded one. Cell phone accessories such as wireless chargers, phone covers and stabilizers too.


This is especially true for high school and college grads. One because they want to spend it on the latest fashion, coffee dates or summer adventures. But mostly because they need it for college, transportation or to pay off debt.

Gift cards.

Kids want to have the latest trends. With gift cards they can prepare for high school, college or careers with a new wardrobe, shoes, bags, etc.


A lot of things I read mentioned travel. They would love to go on trips with family or friends. They want to explore and see new things. So maybe gift cards to museums, season passes to water parks, gym memberships, sky diving, zip lining and such.

Personalized gifts.

This was not the most popular choice but there are kids that really love something meaningful. Classic gifts that never go out of style. A Pandora necklace for the girls or Watch for the boys. Something they can remember forever. But stay away from frames, rings, bracelets, and items that are seasonal or can be outgrown.

Wireless headphones or earbuds.

Specifically Beats by Dr. Dre. In the world of social media, they need this!

Whatever you do, your best bet is to ask the grads what they like and want. This way you will not waste time, money and your nerves. And they will be happy.

Congratulations to all graduates!

x, Dijana

Graduation gift ideas

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