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Mudroom makeover featuring CUCKOOwalls

Most people can’t wait for Friday to relax and get ready for the weekend and here I am making over my mudroom. The joys of being a homeowner! I must admit, this project has been sitting on my desk for months. YES MONTHS. I partnered up with CUCKOOwalls at the beginning of this year and …

Helping Your Child Learn To The Best Of Their Ability

It’s amazing to think that every experience we have ever had, has shaped us into who we are today. This means that if you like or don’t like yourself in any capacity, the best/ worst days of your life have directly contributed to that. When you put things in this perspective, it can often be …

Don’t be a mean girl – it’s not cute

Good morning! Happy Sunday. Lately, I’ve come across more and more negative and bitter people, particularly women, in my space. Every single day I see a post or a screenshot of a message from a mom or a girl addressed to another mom/ woman bashing or insulting them. Why? Why do you feel the need …

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