Tips To Feel More Energized In The Mornings

You are either a morning person or you are not. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you’re not someone who enjoys mornings, it makes it hard to get through the day.

Here are a few tips to feel more energized.

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Drink Coffee

The best way to feel energized is to get a shot of caffeine into your system. Typically people do this with a cup of coffee and because caffeine sparks up the nerves in our brain, it gives us that wired feeling. It’s a way of waking yourself up and as a rule of thumb, should really just be kept to the mornings. Some, like myself, also enjoy it when they’re out having a meal. But there are so many coffees out there. So shop around and find the type of coffee you like and that works for you.

Keep Your Alarm Out Of Reach

Some of us have to set multiple alarms to ensure that we don’t press the snooze button one too many times. But by doing so, you’re just disrupting your sleep pattern even more. Set yourself just one alarm and then as a trick, place your alarm, whether that’s a phone or alarm clock, away from your reach. This means that you have to get up to switch it off. Which in turn wakes you up much quicker and avoids snoozing. As much as you might hate yourself for doing it, it will certainly help you to feel more awake. Plus you will be ready to go since you are up already.

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Take A Shower

Whether you like your showers hot or cold, taking a shower is a great way to wake up the body. It’s an invigorating feeling when that rush of water hits your body. Especially when you are having a hard time waking up, a shower can certainly help spark that energy in you. But try to add certain scents that give you a buzz, like eucalyptus, lime or lemon. These citrusy scents can be really good to help re energize your senses and to wake you up quicker.

Play That Funky Music

And finally, if all else fails, get that music playing. Music is a great way to give your body energy and good vibes that it needs. It can get your mind going, and you’ll suddenly find yourself singing along to a song or tapping your feet. So get a google mini in your bedroom or set up a morning playlist that you can rely on. Turn up the volume and start the day on the right foot.

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Being energized is something we all have struggles with and especially if you’re not a morning person. Hopefully these tips will spark something new for you as they do for me 🙂

x, Dijana

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