10 things I’ve bought on Amazon & would buy again and again and again

I won’t even waste your time with words. Let’s get right into it.

Collapsible Beach Toys

If there is one thing that I hate packing for our vacation, it’s beach toys. They take up so much space but kids love them. FINALLY some genius came up with a collapsible set and I am all over it.

Dual Dry Food Dispenser

Yea baby! I originally purchased this for our nut obsession but we have since used it for candy, cereal, almonds, peanuts, etc. Plus all the kids get a kick out of it when they come over. We are pretty much the cool house!

Clip On Silicone Colander

This is a life saver. I hated cleaning those metal colanders – ugh! Things would get stuck in them and it just was not fun at all. This silicone one is so much easier and it clips on virtually all pots and pans. Easy peasy.

One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This was one of those impulse buys but so worth it. What a difference it makes in the time it takes me to dry my hair but also the appearance. It makes my hair so smooth and silky. I love it and everyone that I’ve recommended it to, loves it too.

Crimper Hair Iron

I know, I know. Another hair tool. But I love my hair and this is another good one. Crimped hair is back and this one is super easy to use and it does not fry your hair. Love it.

Bathroom Quotes and Sayings

These prints totally transformed our bathrooms. I framed 2 in kids bathroom and 2 in our master. We all love it and it makes us laugh all of the time. It’s a nice addition to any bathroom. I also got these Conaway frames from Wayfair for a very decent price and they came out fantastic.

Coffee T Shirt

This shirt was one of my best sellers last year. It describes me to a t(ee). Literally. It’s also very soft and good quality. I will definitely order it again.

High Waisted Swimsuit

Typically I wouldn’t post a swimsuit pic of me on here but this one was worth it. I love this color, the fit and quality. Best Amazon find of 2020.

Leopard Sheer Kimono

This piece is so versatile. I wear it as a beach cover up or as a kimono to jazz up my outfits. I love it so much and my followers have sold this piece out. There are many colors and patterns but this is my personal favorite.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full face snorkel mask was and still is the best purchase ever. I don’t know how we did not find this sooner. The kids absolutely loved it and used it every single day while on vacation. They are a bit bulky but I will never travel without them again.

Now – it’s your turn. What was your best or favorite Amazon purchase? Comment with a link and I just might try it 🙂

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  1. The kimono and the swim suit has been added to my Amazon cart! I have the rubber strainer and it is a lifesaver!

    1. Love it!

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