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Board game storage idea

TikTok made me do it. Come on, let me show you.

10 things I’ve bought on Amazon & would buy again and again and again
Educational games & books for grade schoolers

I love incorporating fun games at home that double up as a learning tool. Sometimes my kids need an extra push and we’ve found that games are the way to go. While I have an entire pinterest board full of…

Breaking up with summer

It is a bitter sweet moment for this mom. On one hand, I feel like this summer was way too short. On another, I know they need school. BUT – would two more weeks at home really make a difference?…

Quiet Time Boxes – Summer Edition

It’s official – we are on summer break. We are a little behind on our summer bucket list but we will get there. For now we are just ready to enjoy some much needed time outside and stop the routines…

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