Quarantine Summer Plans

We are officially on summer break and most of you are finishing up as well. But with so many summer camps, pools and vacation spots still closed and possibly for the entire summer, we have to be creative. We have to find unique ways to keep the kids and ourselves entertained. Not for the entire summer, but at least for some of the days.

Other than walking, hiking, biking – here is a list of 10 fun things kids can do during our COVID-19 summer (some of these will require adult supervision).

  1. Make paper (out of recycled paper) – I don’t know how things are around your house but we have a ton of scraps always laying around. If not from school projects, definitely from the mail box. Take this time to clean up old school papers, have the kids rip them up into pieces and follow these instructions and home kit to make homemade paper for birthday cards or special notes.
DIY: homemade paper with sunflowers | Funny how flowers do that

2. Meal Train – sign up for your local homeless shelter, a family in need, a new mom and their meal train. Call ahead and coordinate breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ask what they need and how much. Have the kids shop, prep and deliver the food. It can be an all day project but the process and the reward is priceless.

Take Them A Meal | Easy online meal sign ups to support your loved ...

3. Online classes – for those art lovers, minecraft masters, photography gurus, math and music wizards in your home, there is a website called Outschool.com. They offer a ton of summer school/ camp type of classes for kids 3-18. 15,000+ classes led by qualified teachers and as low as $5/class.

4. READ – I know there are a lot of kids and families who love to read. The libraries have amazing drive thru programs and online programs available. Please call your local library or look on their website and you will be surprised how much they offer. FREE too. Make it fun by incorporating a Reading Bingo Card and offer a reward at the end of the summer. Here is a free printable I found: www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Read-at-Home-BINGO-Distance-Learning-5324269

5. Learn a new language – take this time to learn a new language as a family. Duolingo is a free and super easy app for kids and adults. It offers 35+ languages through quick lessons. Kids can earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up.

6. SCHEDULE – my kids don’t thrive on schedules but I know a lot of families who do and must. I found this sample schedule that may help some of you establish some daily routines and rules.

Anne Miller, Anne Miller,

7. GoNoodle – you may have noticed in the above photo that they mention GoNoodle. My kids were introduced to this website at school and they love it. GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are! Download it now.

GoNoodle GoSummer: Fun & Free Videos for Kids!

8. CLEAN – take this time to clean up and sort the basement, the garage and your cars! Use the kids to wash and vacuum the cars. They will have fun playing with soap and water but also do something useful.

9. Plant a garden – a lot of families are installing raised gardens. Try adding one as a family and grow your own fruits and veggies. Start small but who knows it maybe something you really enjoy and love and continue to do every year.

Guide to Raised Garden Beds: Plans, Timing, Tending | Gardener's ...

10. Play outside – not everyone has the option of biking, hiking, walking but all kids love chalk and slime. Create a little outdoor station for them, even if you have a balcony or in front of your apartment building. Use what you have. Get creative.

If you have more space or trees in your yard, this zipline kit has been a hit with so many families. As well as this slackline.

Come back for more ideas.

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