summer 2021 bucketlist

I cannot believe that this school year is almost over.

In a few short weeks, we will be back to planning and coordinating summer activities. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier! Things are looking up and it’s about time. But summers can also bring on a lot of “I am bored, mom” moments. Which is why I created this A through Z list of family activities you can do this summer.

Have fun.

While lists can be very helpful, don’t get caught up in them. Let this serve as a guide not end all be all. Something to reference when you feel like you are running out of ideas. You don’t have to do everything! But try to get out there and enjoy these days, that we know are numbered, with your littles or bigs.

Also, not everyone thrives on made up lists and that is completely okay.

You make it fun and creative for you. Include everyone. Have the kids and adults come up with their own activities and wishes. Scroll down for a blank list and fill it out with activities YOU/ THEY want to do. This way, everyone gets to do at least one thing that makes their heart happy.

And as always, whatever you do, try to have a wonderful summer!

x, Dijana

Here are some more bucket list ideas from years past: Summer Bucket List 2020

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