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Dinosaur Drive-thru – Gurnee, IL

Last weekend I surprised the kids with a Dinosaur Drive-thru and they were besides themselves. This was definitely a #momwin and judging from their excitement, I am so glad I booked it.

Personally, I am not into dinosaurs but the kids are. More so lately then ever. Probably because of Netflix and their new show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. I ain’t mad about it. It’s a really good one.

Netflix Camp Cretaceous www.hazeleyesmom.com

This was also one of the reasons why we visited Universal Studios in the spring. My daughter really wanted to see their Jurassic Park area and while it was amazing, it was also a bit disappointing. Not enough rides or JP attractions. But that’s a story for another day.

Dinosaur Drive-thru Gurnee, IL www.hazeleyesmom.com

Dinosaur Drive-thru, on the other hand, had them engaged the entire time. It helped a ton that the event provided an online guided tour. It also included trivia questions which kept the kids participating, listening and on their toes.

I know I am almost late to the game but they have a few more days open and available. There are several locations and they are in different cities all over the country too. Just check their website. Also, if it’s sold out, don’t be discouraged. Check back often or follow them on social media. They may open up more dates and have giveaways for tickets too.

I would highly recommend it for all kids and dino lovers. Hazel Eyes Mom & family approved.


1. Check the weather. You want to go on a day when you can open the car windows and have the kids up close and personal.

2. Be ready for drive through shopping. There are two opportunities to buy some dino inspired toys. Before and after the show.

3. Open up the guided tour on two devices. Ours glitched out a few times and we had to look for it on another device.

4. Bring a pen or pencil for each kid. They will have a trivia game as you go and kids will need it.

5. Once you enter, move the kids to the side of the car where the dinos are. This way they won’t be climbing on top of you. There are two lanes and depending which one you get, dinos will be on one of the sides.

6. Take your time and have fun.

www.hazeleyesmom.com dinosaurs Drive-thru Gurnee, IL

X, Dijana

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