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Mommy Fashion Tips 2022

I will start off by saying, life is too short to care what anyone else thinks. Be who you want to be and wear what you want to wear. If it makes you feel good, do it. But if you need some tips on comfort and style – let me tell you how to do...

valentines day fashion inspo

Valentine’s Day Fashion Inspo

I am not a fashion expert by any means and that makes this so much more fun! Anyone can make fashion their thing and be an expert for themselves. Fashion is fluid. If you are confident, you can rock anything. Trust me. I see fashion as a way of expressing myself. Certain trends draw me... targetstyle bras

My favorite Target bra

Breasts are the symbol of femininity but unless you are super comfortable about going braless, wearing one is part of our womanly anatomy. And finding the right one has proven to be a never ending challenge for most of us. While I don’t have the best bra for all women (that would be amazing), I...