My Spring Amazon Haul

Recent inhumane Midwest temperatures have me begging for Spring!

With that being said, I had to share some of my recent Amazon favorites. This is a list of items that I have either received, purchased or hope to receive in the near future. 😍

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I’ve been a fan of BEARPAW for many years! I love their style and durability. I can always count on their boots to keep me warm and get me through the brutal Midwest weather. But now I love them even more because my girl and I can match and stay stylish.


In partnership with BEARPAW, I am giving away a pair of brand new, size 8, BEARPAW Tracy boots in Hickory. You can enter to win for yourself or use it as a gift this holiday season. They are a beautiful pair of boots from their amazing fall collection.

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Kids fashion | Gymboree style

When it comes to kids fashion, I try to buy pieces that are versatile and mutli purpose. I like trendy pieces but always look for a good deal. Thanks to GymBucks I was able to put together several fall outfits that could also transition into winter and wanted to share them with my mommy friends.

Happy shopping.

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Black leather [faux] fall/ winter pants!

Ever since I posted a photo from a night out with my husband, tons of people have been sending me messages and asking me about my pants!

These faux leather pants are the ish this season. I’ve seen versions of them in most clothing stores but I found mine on Amazon and to be totally honest, I was nervous. I am in between sizes and did not know what to expect. But when they arrived and I tried them on, I was impressed. These babies are fabulous.

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All of your kids are in school full time and you are a SAHM! Now what?

Hello my fellow moms.

Do you ever find yourself at home with your kids but hiding in the bathroom or pantry just so you can have a snack in peace? It’s okay, you are not alone! Do you ever stay up late at night after everyone is sleeping to finish chores or to catch your breath? Or wake up super early just to enjoy the only few minutes of peace you may have today? That is okay too.

Do you wonder when does it all end? How much longer am I going to be pulled in so many directions? How many more years of this madness and chaos? That is OK too! I sure did! But in a blink of an eye, here I am: home alone, kids are at school, husband is at work and it’s just me, myself and an empty house. At least for the next 6 hours…and that is OK too!


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Spruce up his style this Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the corner. A day to show dads how much they mean to us. A day to acknowledge and appreciate their sacrifices and hard work. What better way to do just that, than a little wardrobe upgrade. Much like moms, dads put fashion and style on the back burner. So today I will show you a few trendy, age appropriate pieces that are sure to make your man look and feel good this Father’s day.

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