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Daily habits to keep me going, avoid the societal bullying and stay on track

Hi friends, A lot of my DMs on Instagram are from women telling me that I inspire them. I inspire them to give back, I inspire them to get up and do new things. Do things better. For themselves and…

Mom, what do you do on your phone all day?

That was one of the questions that I received on Instagram last week. It wasn’t geared towards me directly but more like ‘how do I explain to my family that what I do on the phone all day isn’t always…

How I stay mindful, positive and productive

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know we have been battling some very challenging times recently. Staying positive, mindful and productive has been demanding; to say the least. But there is one thing I’ve learned to have,…

A letter to my kids: as you ‘possibly’ head back to school this fall
Creating Strong, Meaningful Bonds with Your Kids

People often say that if you want to raise a happy, healthy, well-behaved child, the secret lies in fostering a close bond with them. However, this could prove to be difficult, especially for parents who have to balance a full-time…

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