To be or not to be: Spring Break Vacation?

It’s no secret that COVID is still around. It’s also no secret that people continue to ignore the rules. Which makes a lot of us sad and angry too.

I am fully aware that the rules were put in place to minimize the impact of the virus. Never to completely eliminate it. But the fact that so many people choose to avoid all responsibilities, is mind boggling.

Have I been perfect, no. But I sure as heck try my best.

A lot of us have been giving it our everything. All in hopes that by 2021, we would be in a better place than we were in 2020. Unfortunately, that is not entirely the case. Yes, we have vaccines but 60% of people don’t want to take it!

Which is why, I am not sure, if Spring Break 2021 is a good idea. Hear me out.

It is February, 2021 and spring break is almost here.

I had hope.

I had faith.

I had plans.

Hope that our kids would be back in school. Faith that the virus would be somewhat minimized. Plans to get away for spring break. None of which have come to fruition.

Last year we cancelled 3 vacations. This year was supposed to be our big trip to Europe. The trip that I have been looking forward to for years. The trip where our kids would finally see where my husband and I were been born and raised. The trip where they would finally get to meet my Nana. But sadly, that will not happen. Not only did she pass away last year (may she rest in peace) but the virus situation is just not safe enough to comfortably travel yet.

But why not? Tons of people are travelling and enjoying life.

Correct. Because those people are travelling and enjoying life, my family has not and may not, be able to do so. The virus just keeps spreading. People keep dying. Families are destroyed. Jobs are at jeopardy. Homes are being lost. Mental health and anger issues are at an ultimate high right now.

But what does this have to do with your spring break Dijana?


How am I supposed to get away, anywhere, knowing that people are dying? How am I supposed to relax, knowing that I could pick up the virus and harm someone? How am I supposed to “move on” while constantly fearing of death?

This virus does not have a specific target. No one is safe. And that is a big risk to take.

You must live your life Dijana! You can’t just stay in a bubble.

You are right. I can’t. It’s mentally and emotionally draining. But I chose to do so to help someone else from dying. My kids, my husband, my family. I gave it my all to protect the people I love and even strangers. My step and privilege to stay home, saved lives. I am very lucky to be able to do so. I know many families DO NOT have this option. It is for them, that I do what I do. Unfortunately, people like me and my family, seem to be the minority. More and more each day.

So what will you do, stay home another year?

You see, that is the dilemma I face. Every single day. If I choose to spread out a bit and get away with my family, I feel guilty and I feel scared. Even the outdoor activities that we chose to do, with social distancing in place, I was on pins and needles. Every single time.

But if I don’t get away, I feel like I am suffocating more and more each day. We are not in a good place right now.

Mind you, I am not even looking into hotels or international travel. Just something as simple as renting a house somewhere by the beach, scares me. I don’t know if I will be able to relax and if I can’t relax, what is the point?

But if I am stressed either way, might as well be stressed somewhere by the ocean, right?

So what will you do?

Ahhhhh – the anxiety of it all, cripples me. But then I look at our kids and I have hope again.

Our kids have been so great. They are our little superheroes. It will be 1.5 years before they see an actual classroom or their classmates again. ONE AND A HALF YEARS!!! Let that sink in. As much as I have tried to get them together with other remote families and kept them busy with activities, missing this big chunk of actual classroom environment, weighs on me heavily. It breaks my heart. But then I see how well they adjusted to being at home and I get a glimpse of faith again! I know they will bounce back, stronger than ever.

So I plan. Plan something again. Anything. Stay the course. Stay with just my family. Follow the rules but also take care of our mental health.

Thank you for reading my emotionally draining and confusing post. I appreciate your time. If you have lost someone due to the pandemic, my condolences go out to you and your families.

If you haven’t lost anyone, thank your lucky stars. Hug your loved ones and pray it stays that way. But please don’t steer away from your responsibilities to the human race. Keep the virus in mind. Wash your hands, social distance and let’s hope 2021 will indeed, be a better year.

x, Dijana

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Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together.

x, Dijana

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  1. It’s a tough decision to do anything these days. I can’t even make up my mind of I want to take a chance going to Chuck E Cheese, lol. I’m a little concerned that spring break will explode the virus here in FL if we are suddenly swarmed with spring breakers. But then…I’m a little concerned about everything and every holiday now.

    1. That’s exactly it. It’s the constant back and forth. I want to be smart but I also want to breath again. Ugh!

      1. Jasna says:

        You have to follow your heart and do what feels best for you and your family. I know everyone is doing different things. We were extra cautious first few months, thank God everyone was and is still healthy. We did travel to Mexico in November. And to be honest I was very nervous when we decided to go but I realized it felt more safe there, then going here to get groceries. The hotel was only 40% capacity booked and omg did they do an excellent job cleaning, sanitizing and temperature checks daily. Not only cleaning at the hotel, but airport as well. I got tested when I came back and even though I was negative I still stayed at home some time.
        I also started teaching in person in August and have been working ever since. I teach preschoolers. Knock on wood, we haven’t had one case. BUT I’m cleaning and sanitizing like crazy my classroom.
        Therefore I know I’m doing absolutely everything possible to keep myself and my family healthy, but I also don’t want them to live in fear. We have to be cautious but we have to live life too. This is how I think but that does not mean everyone else has to do it that way and that my way is the right/best way.
        I think renting a cabin and driving might be a good solution for you. I’m sorry your trip to Europe got messed up, that would have been an awesome trip, but hopefully you get to go soon. 💜

  2. Azra Poljal says:

    I was scared to travel too but last month I went on a quick weekend trip to Miami! It was a nice experience some wear masks some don’t, but I think it’s good to go to a place that’s not that popular where less people would go, also to go during a time where most people won’t go! Like during week day instead of weekend! Also wearing a mask even if others are not and that’s okay!
    When I came back I waited a few days and got tested and I was fine! It’s definitely nice to get a way such a good break for my mental health!
    As far as airline’s not really any soical distance lol on plane or tsa lines! 😩😩

    1. I think that’s what all of us need to do is make sure that we test before, test after and just do our best to minimize it

  3. Marina B says:

    I agree with a lot you wrote. People aren’t reaponsible and that’s why we are still in this situation. Those of us that are responsible aren’t not sick of all this (we sooooo are) but our moral compass is also functioning. That seems to be the difference. I have asthma, my dad has a heart condition so we are in no place to risk it. But my toddler is really susceptible to high and prolonged fevers. We all want to go on a vaca now that he is “big enough” but looks like it’s not in the cards anytime soon.

  4. Aida Velkić says:

    Whatever we choose there are pros and cons. I think we will do something but keep it very small. Minimal exposure.

    1. Same.

  5. Samra Isic says:

    We are in such a crazy place in time that i also can’t comprehend my childs first year of school has been home with me i want life to go back to normal for our sanity, i pray that this resolves sooner then later but in the meantime we just have to hope for health and well being ! 💕

    1. If my kids don’t go back to school soon, it will be 1.5 years before they see their friends. 1.5 years!!!! That is insane to me and we need to get it together

  6. Amy (@nicole51482) says:

    We’re not going anywhere, I kind of wish we were but 🤷🏼‍♀️ My ex is taking our 17 to their cabin in the Adirondack mountains in MY (about 40 minutes from me). Middle of nowhere where they have 20 acres of land to snowmobile and bonfires and stuff.

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