My cleaning schedule

Cleaning. UGH! No one really enjoys cleaning...or do they? I consider myself a clean freak. You can even say I have borderline OCD. I think it may have been passed down from all of the women in my family. I grew up watching them always taking care of their homes and being proud of it. … Continue reading My cleaning schedule

Cabin fever?

I love this time of year. We had a wonderful October and an even better Halloween. Every year my husbands company organizes a huge Halloween bash for the kiddos. Employees decorate three floors of office space just for the kids to come and do some trick or treating. It really is a blast and kids … Continue reading Cabin fever?

A few of my favorite books📚

I am not an avid reader by any means but I do enjoy an occasional book. I also join a wonderful group of ladies every month or so for what we call a "book club." Mainly they read books and I come for the wine 🍷. Actually, most of us really come for the wine. … Continue reading A few of my favorite books📚

My new robot cleaner

This is my first ever robot vacuum! As a matter of fact this is my first ROBOT anything 🤓 Game changer. Clean up after your beloved pets without lifting a finger with this bObsweep PetHair Plus robotic vacuum. A self-starting schedule means you can set it and forget it, and the upgraded TurboLift system picks … Continue reading My new robot cleaner

F a l l 🍂 F u n

W E L C O M E   F A L L  Here in the Midwest we are finally seeing and feeling the FALL season. Up until last week, we still saw some 90 degree days. I was not complaining but for a photography junky like myself, I needed to see the colors changing. I … Continue reading F a l l 🍂 F u n

Mommy migraines 

Ugh! I have never experienced migraines until after I had my daughter. I heard people say 'It's like a headache on steroids' but I did not know what that meant. Fast forward to 2010 and bam, welcome to the migraine club. I also read that if you get an epidural during childbirth [which I did] … Continue reading Mommy migraines 

KidloLand app

Are you tired of your kids spending countless hours on electronic devices? Do you ever think they are wasting time on apps and videos that are not educational at all? I sometimes do! My kids love to watch videos and play games. I monitor what they watch and what games they play, as much as … Continue reading KidloLand app

Our annual fall photoshoot

I love fall. I love the cool weather, the fashion, going to the pumpkin patch, apple picking and all of the amazing colors it brings. But most of all I look forward to our fall photoshoot. As you may know, I dabble in photography. It is a passion and hobby of mine. I also love … Continue reading Our annual fall photoshoot