Hydrogen Peroxide & WHy I Use it Every Day

Hydrogen peroxide hazeleyesmom.com

The first time I heard about hydrogen peroxide was in the 90s. A friend of mine mentioned that her mom used it after each time she plucked her eye brows and they never grew back after that. 😯 Scary, I know! But also cool. She never has to pluck her eyebrows again. 🤣 Fast forward to 2021 and I use it every single day. Not after shaving or plucking my eyebrows but for so many different reasons. Let me show you!

Homemade Spicy Kani Salad aka Snowflake Roll

hazeleyesmom.com spicy kani salad

If you have never been to Sushi Station, I am so sorry! It’s such a fun place to visit with a really delicious menu. But since we don’t eat out too often, I miss it. Especially their Snowflakes! Which is why I tried to recreate it at home and it was amazing! Not the same. But super close. Some even call this a Spicy Kani Salad.

Go Ape: Zipline & Adventure Park – Chicago, IL

goape chicago hazeleyesmom.com

WOW! If I had to choose one word to describe our time at Go Ape, it would be WOW. Wild and Out of this World! Go Ape Chicago is an adventure park located about 20 miles outside of Chicago at Bemis Woods Forest Preserves in Western Springs, Illinois. It is a forest filled with every child’s dream. Obstacle courses, climbing and swinging from ropes – oh my!

WayFare: plant-Based Pudding

wayfare pudding hazeleyesmom.com

As some of you may already know, I like to consider myself a flexitarian. What is a flexitarian, you may ask? It is a style of eating. One that is centered on plant based foods but does allow some meat and animal products in moderation. Which is why I am introducing you to WayFare! Life – Simple, Delicous, Amazing.