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Instant Pot: Bomb Chicken Chili

I woke up craving chili and had to have it. I am not picky either. Regular chili or white chicken chili are equally delicious to me. But today I only had chicken so that’s what we are making. Here is my fairly easy version of chicken chili. Filled with simple ingredients and a whole lot …

Fish Friday’s with Gorton’s

Let’s taco ’bout fish! Fish tacos of course. Tacos are my life. I could probably eat them every day and never get bored. Mainly because they are quick, easy and packed with flavors. Toppings are endless. Who doesn’t love tacos anyways 🌮?

One Pot Dinner: Unstuffed Peppers

I grew up eating Eastern European Stuffed Peppers. It was one of my favorite childhood dishes. I didn’t particularly care for the peppers, but I loved the stuffing. I also loved the aroma the peppers provided but the texture and the taste – was not my thing. Fast forward to adulthood and peppers are one …

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