Mommy migraines 


Ugh! I have never experienced migraines until after I had my daughter. I heard people say ‘It’s like a headache on steroids’ but I did not know what that meant. Fast forward to 2010 and bam, welcome to the migraine club. I also read that if you get an epidural during childbirth [which I did] you will experience more headaches and migraines afterwards. Hmmmm….is there a direct correlation between the two?!😯 Possibly. But I am not a medical professional and can not comment on that.

What is your migraine like? 🤔 I only feel it on one side of my head and the symptoms are typical. Throbbing pain, sensitivity to light, dizziness, and nausea. It is very hard to function. Sometimes it feels lighter, while other times, I can’t get out of bed. On occasion I can actually manage it and still get the kids off to school or distract myself with housework (I will elaborate below). Sometimes I get them in the middle of the night. The pain wakes me up. So I either take OTC meds or I take a shower. I alternate between hot and cold water and it somehow calms down my nerves; just enough that I can go back to bed.😴 But most of the time, I just need to sleep it off. That is it.

I have a prescription but it does nothing unless you take it beforehand. 🤣 As if I know when the migraine will hit. 😣 I usually wake up with it. So I take OTC meds and have my own ‘go to mix’ of two when I really need something. It helps me most of the time. I have researched the side effects, saw no known drug interactions and found it to be effective. If you would like to know more, message me directly.

I tried to keep track of the foods that I eat to see if there was a trigger. But it was so all over the place and nothing specific popped up. I did an allergy test and certain environmental factors do bother me and provoke headaches. But I try to avoid those as much as I can. Based on a CT scan I did earlier this year, my left sinus cavity needs to be cleaned. But my migraines are not always sinus related. So back to doing what works for me. 😝

Distractions: Someone recently asked me how distracting myself with housework or a project helps. Simply it takes my mind off of the migraine and it kind of fades away. That’s only if it is in early stages. If it’s a full blown migraine, there is no coming back from that. I tried walking it off, no help. Reading, TV or computer work are too intensive on my eyes and most of my migraines are behind my left eye. I love essential oils but sometimes the smell makes me nauseous and I have to stay away from that too. Coffee is my fuel but even black coffee will make me barf on those days. So OTC and sleep are my remedies, for now. 😳

What are some of your tricks? Please share and let’s help each other out!

x, Dijana


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