The world of coffee – Western Suburbs of Chicago

This comes as no surprise and especially on National Coffee Day – but I love coffee! It has to be the European in me that can’t resist the aroma or the taste. I will drive out of my way just to try a new cafe and consider it a bonus if it involves pastries 😉

Check out some of my favorites from this year.

Calibre Coffee – Barrington, IL

Not only is their coffee sublime but their baklava cheesecake is to die for. You can NOT visit Calibre and leave without trying the baklava. Highly recommended.

It is located in a beautiful shopping area with plenty of restaurants, ice cream places and more. You can come for coffee but stay and enjoy the day.



Kindred Coffee Roasters – West Chicago, IL

I am super happy I discovered this little gem. It is located in a remote part of West Chicago. You definitely have to look for it but once you are there, you never want to leave. It is so quaint, so welcoming and just pretty. I was very much impressed by their coffee and story behind it! But also the space. It is beautifully designed to incorporate a kids area and some amazing art as well.



Cafe K’tizo – Wheaton, IL

This place is fairly large for a cafe. It has plenty of seating and they even offer a party rental space above. They host tea parties, offer sandwiches and tons of tea options as well. I liked their coffee options and the space it self. Definitely a nice place to connect and grab a gift or two while you are there.


CRAFT Donuts + Coffee – West Dundee, IL

Another hidden treasure but oh so fantastic. I love their donuts because they are handcrafted. Their selection is small but flavors are insane and this oatmeal latte is the best cup of coffee I have ever had. Simply divine.


ENDIRO Coffee – Aurora, IL

I love the vibe to this place but I love their vision even more. They give back so much to end child vulnerability globally through coffee. Endiro Growers project is in two districts of Uganda. They partner with hundreds of farming families through holistic mentoring, equipping, training, prayer and friendship to produce Uganda’s best coffee in a way that is bringing positive transformation. You can taste and hear more about that when you visit their Aurora location.


All Chocolate Kitchen – Geneva, IL

If you want a coffee experience, you come here. They offer a variety of gourmet coffees and I love them all. It does not help that they also have the most amazing gelato, cakes and chocolates. Come for one but try it all!!!


x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

(6) Comments

  1. Love these coffee shops! Always looking for some ☕️

    1. Always ☕🤣

  2. Anita says:

    Love Kindred Coffee Roasters! Such a cool place.

    1. It was amazing!

  3. Susan says:

    I absolutely LOVE coffee. Thank you for checking all these places out!! I’ll have to try the coffee at Craft. Only had donuts last time ☕️
    Oh, and do you put those fancy designs in your coffee???

    1. I haven’t seen fancy designs at Craft but the rest of them do it. I, personally, am not that talented hahaha

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