Mom, what do you do on your phone all day?

That was one of the questions that I received on Instagram last week.

It wasn’t geared towards me directly but more like ‘how do I explain to my family that what I do on the phone all day isn’t always for fun?’

So I looked into just one of my days and here is what I (personally) do on my phone all day.

Social media: Don’t get it twisted, I watch funny, stupid, inspiring videos during the day too. Sometimes it’s what gets me out of bed these days. But mostly I spend a few hours a day catching up on my DMs, emails, postings, blogs and such. Almost all of it is done from my phone. It is convenient and works well. But I also watch social media like a hawk for news updates, missing children, riots, stolen cars and things that I need to be aware of to protect my kids and family.

Birthdays: We don’t have a lot of family here but the ones that we do have consist of about 22 family members. This does not include friends and all of the kids birthday parades and parties we get invited to. So while 22 doesn’t seem like a lot, when you factor in everyone and everything, I spend almost every day of the week, searching, shopping, delivering, planning, coordinating birthday gifts. Sure I can send gift cards and call it a day, but we all know that is not always the case and it will not happen.

Home: I spend at least an hour a day looking for new ways to improve our house and our lives. Which sometimes includes shopping for a new thermostat, finding a new and better microwave to replace the one that just broke down, a better way to unclog a sink, how to organize our closet to fit our ever growing children, how to maximize the space that we have, which sheets are best for our sweaty son, what comforter is hypoallergenic, which laundry detergent isn’t going to kill us and such. While simultaneously adding vitamin packs to my cart to stay healthy and sane.

Kids: Most of my day is spent on kids stuff. Including catching up on school emails and newsletters from school. Signing up for events. Yes even in a pandemic our schools have needed help. Coordinating dropping and picking up school work. Emailing the teachers and ordering of books, looking for busy projects, searching for places to go that are pandemic friendly.

Buying jackets, boots and planning for every season. Researching which animals are best for busy families. Looking for ways to make 2020 less anxiety inducing for kids. Reading up on how to be more supportive or how to handle emotional breakdowns in kids. Making appointments for their annual check ups, dentist visits, hair cuts and so on. Plus searching for the best diet known to man to balance the 29384756 carbs I have consumed to self soothe.

Photos: If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have anything to look back on. I take family photos, event photos, school photos, every day photos. Should I go on? Now, I also plan holiday cards, birthday cards, school pictures, picture that we should frame. I shoot, edit, order, post on socials and more. But I have to admit, this might be my favorite part of being on the phone all day.

Family: Other times I get requests from my sisters, my parents to look up something. To order something. To call and help translate. To chat. Yes we chat. I talk to my sisters, my mom, my friends and my family almost daily. Even if it is a quick text, it adds up. But mostly I spend time looking for dinner ideas, planning my next grocery haul and updating my 174947592 lists of things to do. Meanwhile pressing the BUY NOW button on my next CBD order.

Learning: Yes, so much learning. Most of what I do with blogging and social media is obviously learned online. But by spending time on Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram – I am always finding ways to upgrade my skills and techniques. It is such an evolving field and you have to stay up to date or else you will fall behind.

What I wish I did more of on my phone is read books, play games, watch actual shows, maybe talk to people vs text, more. But as you can see, from the time I wake up until I go to bed and I am sure many stay at home parents can relate, we are mostly productive. Even if it looks like we are just on the phone all day.

It isn’t just fun and games. It isn’t just wasted space. It isn’t just us ignoring our family because we are rude and have nothing better to do. All of our information is online and when I have an idea, I jump to search it. When I remember an event, I jump to plan it. When I realize my kids don’t have socks or pants that fit, I shop for it. When I know there is a better way to do something, I DIY it. When I am tired of feeding my family chicken nuggets, I look for recipes to fix it. If there is a problem in the house, I look for people to come and help us. It’s important work.

So please, next time you sit there and judge us for being on our phones, maybe ask if there is anything YOU can do to alleviate the burden. So, let’s teach our kids to do the same. Offer help before you draw conclusions.

And the next time someone asks YOU, what you do on your phone all day, send them this.

Hazel Eyes Mom

Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together. x, Dijana

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