Can A Road Trip With The Kids Truly Go Without A Hitch?

A road trip is the Holy Grail of family travels. When it goes well, it can be the most exciting, organic, and fulfilling of all your travels. But there are so many ways that it can go wrong and baffle you. Add kids to the mix and you have a real challenge on your hands. However, with the right planning, you can ensure that your road trips go as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you’re fit for the ride

One of the biggest barriers to a good road trip is a car that quits halfway through the journey. Simply put, road trips put more pressure on your car than any other type of drive, so you need to make sure it’s in the best condition before you take on any adventures. Take the car in for a check-up at your local service and fix or replace what you need to in order to reduce your chances of getting stuck on the side of the road.

Have everything you need ready to go

Preparing your road kit is just as important. Take your time to put together a list of everything you need. This includes sleeping gear, enough changes of clothes, summer gear, and all the other things that make a vacation more comfortable. Most important of all is the emergency kit. Jump cables, a spare tire, a first aid kit, spare food/water, blankets, a charged cell phone can ensure that if something does go wrong, you’re at least prepared for it.

Plan your route ahead of time

When you’re planning to stop in at a city destination or take a shortcut, you want to make sure that you’re not getting held up by the immense traffic that can pop up from time to time. When planning your route, keep in mind which roads you’re taking. You can check traffic near me easily, see accidents, adverse road conditions, and jams that could hold you back. It makes it much easier to plan ahead and find alternate routes before you set off. Minimize your stops trying to find a solution on the fly.

Keep the kids entertained

Long drives can get boring, there’s no way of getting around that. When you’re travelling through empty plains, not even a rousing game of “I spy” can do much good. That’s why it’s important to make sure the kids (and the grown-ups, for that matter) have some distraction when you’re between destinations. Board games, books, a tablet loaded with movies. Make sure you have plenty of entertainment to keep the trip going when there isn’t much going on. Otherwise, a bad mood can spoil the ride long before you see the next highlight. 

The tips above won’t stop any annoying problems from popping up. However, we can try to prepare and hope that most of the major issues are taken care of. A little preparation goes a long way in helping you travel a long way, too.

Where are you going this summer?

x, Dijana

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