Tips when travelling with kids

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Traveling with kids is never easy. However, over the last 7 years, we have learned a thing or two about travelling to tropical Caribbean vacations with kids. I will start by saying, you need to be mentally prepared and read a blog or two before you travel with kids. This is not your typical road trip type of a vacation where if you forgot something, there is a Target or Walmart somewhere within driving distance! You are in a different country, where your necessities may be available but are twice the cost.


  1. Always bring allergy medicine. Last year our son developed a sun rash his 3rd day and we did not have meds on hand. This year we brought extra 😉
  2. Floaties, pool donuts, toys, goggles – a must. This is definitely something that you could purchase at the resort but the prices can be extravagant. You can also rely on finding one by the pool that another family has left behind. We always leave ours on the last day. It is easier than trying to pack it back into the suitcase.
  3. Always, always bring lots of change/ dollar bills ($). Tips are appreciated and will make your experience that much smoother.
  4. Headphones for the plane ride and download the kids favorite movies. But please don’t make the mistake we did and not check if they actually work before you take off. We had an experience where we figured out the movie we downloaded did not end up working/ was not fully downloaded after we already took off.
  1. For parents, download an eBook or games on your phone just as back up. Kids might sleep & you might find yourself with some time to yourself. So do something you love.
  2. Check if your resort has free wifi before you go. Seems like that is a trend now but I still see some resorts where you have to pay per minute.
  3. Hats! There is no sunscreen that will protect your child’s face from burning (even adults). These 90 degree, pure sun rays burn everything in site. Especially when it bounces of the pool water & straight into their faces.
  4. This one has been mentioned millions of times but DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. Brush your teeth with bottled water when traveling. Even the resort will warn you against it. Our immune systems are not used to their tap water and it will make you sick.
  5. Lysol! I spray the bed every night and I also bring an extra bed sheet to cover our pillows. Why? Because we feel safer that way, especially for kids sensitive faces. It may not make a difference to some but in our minds, it does!
  6. Always board the plane last. “Why, they always say board with kids first?” Yes, they do. But if your kids are small and antsy, do you really want them to be on a plane extra 30, 40 minutes? I didn’t think so. Your seats are not going anywhere so save yourself the extra drama and board last. We also choose seats closer to the back. Its easier to access the bathrooms & the attendants are close by in case of emergency. However, if you are doing carry on bags, you may want to board first, otherwise you run into the chance of not having space in the overhead compartments.
  7. Bring extra clothes for everyone. We leave super early for our flights & dress accordingly. But I always bring shorts and we change at the airport when we land. We had an incident a few years ago where my son threw up all over my husband mid flight and we didn’t have an extra shirt for him. So now, we prep extras. #barf
  8. The snack on the plane are the same price as if you bought them at the kiosk before take off. Except you have more options at the airport vs on the plane. Also bring lollipops. Kids ears tend to fill with pressure and suckers relieve that pressure. If you have babies, use pacifiers or wait to give them a bottle [juice or milk] during take off or landing.
  9. Pen. You will be required to fill out customs forms before & after, and the attendants don’t have “extra pens” for you.
  10. Bring a blanket and socks or just sweaters – it gets super cold on a plane.

I know it seems like a long list of things and don’t let this deter you from traveling or flying with your littles. The memories and experiences will last a lifetime. It can be hectic, it can be stressful at times, but it is beautiful and fun for all. #makingmemories

Until next time, book that trip!

x, Dijana

How to travel with kids - what to bring and expect

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