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As many of you know, both of our kids are in public school. But because their school does not do a lot of homework, I like to incorporate some home schooling as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I love the idea of no strenuous homework assignments. I am a big fan of kids spending more time with family and friends. I encourage outdoor play. But during summer, winter and spring break and at least once a week during school weeks, I throw in a worksheet or two.

Why? [insert mom voice]: BECAUSE I SAID SO 🙂

If you are like me and need something to keep your kids brains working at all times, keep reading.

I don’t do this to torture my children. I simply know what my kids need and I know what they are good at. But I also know what they could work on. Helping them along the way is the only goal here!

In partnership with TinkerActive and MomsMeet, I want to share our thoughts and experience with their workbooks.

I have used many online sources, workbooks from various stores and libraries but TinkerActive books are honestly the easiest books for both parents and kids. If you are a newbie, you will love this.

I have always believed that kids learn the most through play. Once they try something or learn how to apply it in real life, they retain the most information. And that is exactly what TinkerActive workbooks are. They are very user friendly. It will not drive you insane or make your kids bored. Their interactive curriculum-based exercises and fun hands on projects will keep them learning and entertained. They show you how to utilize household materials and really focus and encourage children to learn through play.

TinkerActive Workbooks can be purchased wherever books are sold.

Donnie wants to be a scientist when he grows up but his love for math started early on. Having these two books on hand to encourage his love for both subjects has been amazing. The books cover the essentials for first grade but also tests them on their overall, age appropriate knowledge.

The best part of it all are the the charming characters, the MotMots. They guide him through every new concept with encouragement and laughter. And we all know how first graders think they are all soooo funny! HA HA. To complete the workbooks means they get to unbox a collectible magnet badge that is hidden in the back cover. So working towards a goal is also super important at this age and keeps them yearning for more.

 All books are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

I truly enjoy watching their love for learning. They don’t show interest in every subject but the ones they do, I build upon. I am fully aware that my kids are not gifted. But I will never stop encouraging or continuing to support their thirst for knowledge in any way, shape or form. I, along with books like TinkerActive, will inspire them to try new things, discover new skills, and imagine new possibilities.

With its focus on tinkering, making, and engineering, these workbooks equip the youngest readers with essential STEM knowledge and skills, while teaching critical ways to engage with and explore the world.

Go check out Odd Dot books for more information, grab a book or two and please come back to let me know your thoughts!

TinkerActive Workbooks can be purchased wherever books are sold. If you decide to purchase on Amazon, please leave a product review directly on Amazon.
Thank you!

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