How to Seal your Countertops

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Owning a home comes with so many responsibilities. In fact, so many little things have popped up recently that my head is spinning. It makes me feel like I am loosing my mind and I definitely need a HOME planner. Specifically a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and an annual checklist – just to keep up with regular maintenance of a home.

Do you agree? Is this a thing?

Recently I learned that we have to seal our kitchen countertops. WHAT?!

Apparently this is a MUST DO in order to preserve the quality and longevity of the marble 🤦‍♀️. Go figure.

Now that I know that, I had to research who, what, when, how….

This post is sponsored by SimpleCoat but all opinions are my own.


If you look close enough, you can see the dips and ridges from daily use. This is what needs to be sealed in order to protect our very expensive marble countertop.

Method to Sealing the Granite Countertop

I used SimpleCoat Natural Stone and Stainless Steel Sealer. It is available on Amazon and it’s very easy to use. Plus I love that it’s non toxic and odor free. Super important with kids in the house and surfaces that we eat from.

Bonus of SimpleCoat is the fact that it can be applied to stainless steel, natural stone countertop, wooden cutting boards, leather and so much more. It’s an all around sealer.

  1. Clean the granite.
  2. Use the provided cloth to apply product onto surface.
  3. Wipe cloth onto surface in sweeping motion.
  4. Apply the sealer evenly.
  5. Wipe off excess. Repeat steps as needed for full coverage.

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There is definitely a difference and the surface is much smoother. I can’t wait to test it on my stainless steel appliances.

Thank you SimpleCoat!

x, Dijana


  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic formulation. Food-safe, family-safe, pet-safe and non-flammable
  • Simple to Use: Wipe on with any soft cloth, then wipe off excess. No drying or curing time required
  • Multi-Use: Use SimpleCoat on all natural stone and stainless steel surfaces, and more
  • Concentrated Formula: One 8oz bottle protects 3,000 ft2 of stone and 7,000 ft2 of stainless steel
  • No Toxic Chemicals: 100% active formula with no solvents, VOCs, BPAs, or petroleum distillates

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