Educational games & books for grade schoolers

I love incorporating fun games at home that double up as a learning tool. Sometimes my kids need an extra push and we’ve found that games are the way to go.

While I have an entire pinterest board full of DIY educational games, this isn’t that kind of post. Here you will find a list of games that we personally own or have owned and can attest to. But that can also be at your doorstep by end of today.

Have fun.


BOB books – we originally received a set of BOB books as a hand me down from a homeschooling mom friend. Not only did my daughter start reading with these little miracles but so did my son. I would recommend the entire series but to start you off Alphabet and Pre-Reading Skills are great.

Pop the Pig – this was a big one for us even through first grade. It helps with colors, number recognition and counting.

Barbecue party – this is a funny game but it really helps little ones with hand eye coordination.

Building set – this can really be any building set. LEGOS, K’NEX, etc. But we really loved these magnetic 3D building blocks. It promotes creativity, focus and quiet time.

Picasso Tiles
Magnetic building blocks


Trouble – I love this game because it helps with counting and it also tests their patience a bit. They really learn how to loose a turn with this one or how to win graciously. This one can bring on some tears but it is all worth it.

Eye gamer – this was definitely my kids favorite. They both love matching games but Eye Gamer is on another level. Another great game for eye coordination and memorization. We have the basic shapes and the animals and this is actually one of Donnie’s favorites.

Operation – this was suggested buy Donnie’s Kindergarten teacher. It helped him learn how to hold a small object with his fingers. To balance and keep a steady hand. This improved his writing and how he held his writing utensils tremendously. But there is also the game part of it which helps with math as well.

Spot it – we have loved this game since preschool. Actually we still do. It is a fun game to bring out to dinner or on vacation. Super simple. Everyone can play and it includes focusing, searching and matching.

Sequence – I’ve mentioned this one before but it really is a good one. This helped us teach both kids how to play games, wait their turns, not get upset and still have fun. It took some time but this was the one for us. Plus of course it’s another one that helps with memorization and matching.

Grades 1-2

Learning time – this is a great game for kids to learn how to tell time. It is something they really focus on in first and second grades so make it fun for them.

Sight words bingo – this is more for K-2 but it can help at any age if kids are struggling. Sight words come easy for some but for others, it can be scary. So having a game on hand, really helps.

Step by step drawing book – for kids who love to draw or those who need quiet activities for anxiety, this is a great book.

Life on Earth: Human Body  – kids around this age have a lot of questions about their bodies. This is a good flap book about just that. With over 100 questions and 70+ lift flaps, it is entertaining and educational.

Grades 3-5

Paint by stickers – this was recommended by Adriana. We accidentally received one of these books in a subscription box and she has been in love ever since. They provide blank but outlined pages and stickers. The kids have to match the corresponding numbers to create an almost 3D like image. She loves this and can spend hours just enjoying the art.

5000 awesome facts – kids at this age want to know everything. These NatGeo books are perfection. It really helps them learn about some amazing facts that you wouldn’t normally bring up or learn at school. This book also makes mandatory reading much easier for kids who are not particularly excited about chapter books.

Uno – we have learned that this is a family favorite. Not only does it help with coordination but strategy. I love to see my kids trying to figure out their next move and the best way to win. This is a life lesson game.

Travel book – kids at this age really start to learn more about National Monuments, history and geography a bit. But also start noticing different cultures. It is really nice to have a book or game that incorporates these things and help them learn and appreciate people, places and things a bit more.


OUR MOMENTS – I had to add this one in here just because it has quickly become one of our favorites. It really isn’t a game, game. These are conversation starter cards. We have the Kids edition but I just ordered the family one as well. This is perfect for preschoolers through high schoolers. They are just simple but thought provoking questions that bring out some super serious but also funny answers. We love to play this while we are having dinner or travelling. It really makes everyone participate, think and be a family.

OUR MOMENTS Kids: 100 Conversation Starters for Parent-Child Relationship Building - Fun Family Road Trip, Dinner or Bed Time Card Game
OUR MOMENTS Families: 100 Conversation Starters Questions. Parent to Child Meaningful Communication for Healthy Loving Family Development - Fun Road Trip, Dinner or Bed Time Card Game

I know there are a slough of online apps and games but sometimes it is best to use your hands. Do you have a favorite traditional board game or book at home?

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