Time Capsule: Quarantine Edition

I always loved the idea of a time capsule but never had the chance to make one. Looking back at old times can bring back so many emotions. But with the technology we have today, and all of the pictures we take, I don’t know how many people really do time capsules anymore or how much meaning they have.

But ready or now, here we come. No better time than the present. Right?

It all started this past week when I was pondering about how we will look at all of this years down the road. How will the kids remember it all? And that’s when it hit me: a time capsule. Duh!

So the first thing I did was look online for an actual time capsule and guess what? A lot of them are sold out or unavailable until May or June. Turns out, bunch of us had the same idea and here I thought I was being soooo original hahahaha. 🤣

Now what?

I did the next best thing. I grabbed the first box I found in our basement. Told the fam bam to start grabbing things that remind them of this time in their lives and toss it in as they see fit.

So far we added Lysol and hand sanitizer wrappers – I mean if that doesn’t remind us of this craziness, I don’t know what will haha. Kids picked a few notes from our family members that they received over the last few weeks. I printed some pictures that I snapped throughout our quarantine time that will for sure remind us what the world went through. We even put in a few sheets of toilet paper. That was the biggest craze of 2020 after all! 😁

A couple more things we plan on adding:

  • newspaper clippings
  • toys
  • school projects
  • family photograph
  • tiktok in someway 🙂
  • a recipe
  • trace our hands
  • adriana’s birthday invitation (that had to be cancelled) 🙁
  • our Corona virus coloring page
  • a message to our future selves

Free download above. Have fun.

I plan on leaving the box in the kitchen until the day this is all over so we can add a few more things. At which point we will either order an actual time capsule or just tape this box really good, pick a date 10 years from now, write it on the box and put it away until then.

Time Capsule 2020 – quarantine edition

Ten years from now, we will revisit this box and remember this time in history. I wish we can look back, reflect and be grateful but also smile. I hope it reminds us that we did our part and gave it our all. I hope it show us that whatever we may be going through at that time in our lives, it could be worse and we can get through anything – together. But we can also make a difference. No matter how small.

Will you make a time capsule? What will you put in it?

Hazel Eyes Mom

Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together. x, Dijana

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