Less Stressful eLearning

Just like that – add teacher to my resume. Just kidding!

So we have been doing this eLearning thing for a few weeks now and the stress level is about the same, if not worse. Am I Right? Are you feeling it too?

This COVID-19 outbreak has really shifted things for so many of us. Our patience is tested on a daily basis and we are quickly realizing that some of us are just not meant for any this. We need guidance and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

You want a few tips? 😁

Sorry to break it to ya, but other than taking it one day at a time and helping one kid at a time, I have nothing for ya.

We are all in this together. Different boats, different waters but we are all sailing. Somehow. Doing what humans do best – survive.

And guess what?

Kids – they will come out of this stronger than ever. Even the ones that struggle and have a hard time. They are amazing and we have to trust them a little too. But also, trust yourself. You are their biggest teachers. What they will remember the most about all of this isn’t the homework and projects but the conversations you had in the background. BE KIND and watch your mouth.

Teachers? They know what they are doing and they will pick things up in the fall. They have some crazy superpowers.

Just wake up every day and try to remember: life isn’t perfect and never will be. Kids need to see this side too. So what if you don’t get it all done? It’s okay. This isn’t a competition. Do your best and if you can’t – ask for help. Teachers are available and waiting for your calls. Don’t hesitate.

Food for thought

For all of you working parents – don’t be hard on yourself or the kids. Let them do what they can. Their teachers know exactly what they are capable of and designed these assignments based on that. They also know who (you or them) is doing the school work. 😁 Just relax.

But still do your part. Wash your hands and stay home if and when you can.

Until next time – cheers to better days ahead.

P.S. This doesn’t mean that we, collectively, haven’t cried over eLearning. This is just as much for me, as it is for all of you. #allinthistogether


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