Daily habits to keep me going, avoid the societal bullying and stay on track

Hi friends,

A lot of my DMs on Instagram are from women telling me that I inspire them. I inspire them to give back, I inspire them to get up and do new things. Do things better. For themselves and their families.

This is the biggest compliment anyone can give me. I appreciate that so much and it’s really why I do what I do. But for every message like that, I get one with “how do you do it all?” or “you still do that and have a migraine?” or “why do you put so much on yourself?”

The answer is simple. This is who I am and how I am wired. I don’t like to waste time. Mine or others. Life is too short and I want to do all the things. I won’t let my migraines or society tell me or dictate my feelings or life.

When I have a migraine or feel sick, it sucks. Some days are unmanageable and I take medication for it. But it is not unbearable completely (not every single time). I take care of myself and then I do what my body tells me to do, which is move. Don’t let the migraine take over. For me it works but I know this isn’t the case for everybody.

Sometimes it isn’t the case because people genuinely feel horrible and almost debilitated. But often times, people take their weaknesses to the extremes. Because that’s what the commercial said I should feel like. That’s what wedmd says the symptoms should be. That’s what my friend feels when she is sick, I should too…and so forth.

I often think that people fall into these societal categories. They allow themselves to be sucked into an article or story from friends and self diagnose. I feel like everyone assumes that because I have migraines and anxiety that I can’t do anything. A lot of it has to do with how media portrays these conditions and makes people feel about them.

“Oh moms shouldn’t be stay at home – I have to have a career.”

“Self care means I need to go on a trip with my girlfriends every couple of months – not just sit at home and relax, watching Netflix.”

“None of my friends clean their homes, why should I?”

“Who cooks for their family these days anyways? We have so many restaurants.”

We spend way too much time watching what others do and imitating their lives instead of creating our own. If we all spent as much time making our own happiness and not mimicking someone we saw online, we would live happier lives. More content lives. Happy with what we have and appreciate it. Not dwell so much of what we don’t have and continue this vicious greedy cycle that has become our reality.

I personally don’t care if my entire friendship circle is having babies, I won’t if I am not ready or frankly, don’t want to. I don’t care if the entire mom population is rushing to go back to work, I won’t if that doesn’t work for my family. I don’t care if every mom is spending $$$$ on mommy make overs, I won’t until I feel this is something for me or my body.

I refuse to fall into these social media traps that want to tell me who I am. Can I be inspired by someone, just like you by me? Absolutely. Can I see an idea and run with it because it makes sense for me? Of course. I just try not to get sucked in (not to say that I have never) into the pressures of others.

So, finally – what you really came here for: what I do each day to keep going, avoid the societal bullying and stay on track. Which also helps me create my own life and focus on what is important to me and my family.

1. start each day with a grateful heart. I can’t stress this enough. This has such an impact on my day. If I wake up and forget to remind myself what I have and how lucky I am, I am instantly grumpy. just a simple “good morning. look around you. today I am grateful for my home” changes the mood. Also at the end of the day, I like to tell myself 1 thing I did today that made someone happy. including myself. I strive to be happy and make others happy. That’s my life goal.

2. drink a hot cup of coffee and have 10 minutes to myself. If this means I need to wake up a few minutes early, so be it. I don’t work out regularly so this is my morning routine. I need my time to wake up and take on the day. Mentally and physically.

4. make a list. I can not function without a list. Sometimes I even have two lists. One on my phone and a handwritten one. But there has to be a checklist for me to mark my goals, priorities and groceries. It also makes me feel so much better when I check something off. I feel accomplished.

4. put on some make up and/ or do my hair. I do one or both every single day. Even if it’s just mascara. It makes me feel alive and gives me a confidence boost. I don’t spend hours doing it but a few minutes changes my attitude. PS: this is your daily reminder to put on some jeans and get out of those sweatpants. You will thank me later.

5. make a healthy choice. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts but I am conscious to have something healthy every single day. Vitamins are vital for my health and my body too so I consider that a healthy choice as well. I try to walk as much as possible. Even if it’s a house project. As long as I am moving my body. Anything to improve my health.

6. hydrate. I drink tons of water. All day long. Hydration keeps me focused and energized. But it also keeps me functioning properly. Water is so important for me and skipping it is not an option. But I also don’t skip lotion. Hydration is key for insides and outside of your body. Skin is the largest organ on your body so I need to take care of it.

What do you do that keeps you going? 



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