10+ Gifts for coffee lovers

coffee lovers gifts

I must admit, this post is all about me. I live for coffee and I coffee to live.

A cup of coffee in the morning is my version of a match made in heaven. Heck, a cup of coffee any time of the day is a win in my book. Let me show you some of my favorite coffee accessories that will make any coffee lover happy.

Ever since I can remember, coffee has been in my life. It is how all Balkan conversations, gatherings and discussions begin. It’s an important cultural practice. First we have the coffee, then we do the things.

hadje na kaficu, gifts for coffee lovers

One thing that you will seldomly find in the Balkans are to-go cups. Most coffee shops are sit down places. They are meant for conversations and building connections and relationships. It’s almost not even about the coffee. But it sure helps. Especially when it’s home roasted or freshly ground. Ahhh, the aroma is unlike any other.

It’s engraved in our DNA and simply put – a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.

Let’s shop.

Do you love coffee? What are some of your favorite gadgets and flavors?

I absolutely love my Nespresso but one of my favorite drip coffees are from Trader Joe’s. It’s bold but delicious. Check out more about it in my Trader Joe’s vs Aldi coffee review post.

x, Dijana

Coffee lovers

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(16) Comments

  1. Anita says:

    Yes on the coffee syrups

    1. Right?

  2. Almina says:

    Oh look at this coffee syrups… definitely dolazim ti na kafu 😘🙈

  3. Samra Isic says:

    I love love my coffee! But i miss my syrups, ive gotten used to drinking it black and i wont go back hhehe 😆

  4. I love my nespresso too! And yes to all things coffee. We do the same coffee and chatting then work etc.

    1. Yes 🙌 it’s that European standard

  5. Jasna (Jaca) says:

    I have Nespresso machine and I just love my home made Lattes I add a bit of sugar free vanilla syrup. My Nespresso machine is my baby 🤣

    1. It really is sooooo good. Best invention ever

  6. “Pristavi kafu eto me” famous Bosnian words lol.

    1. Omg yes hehe

  7. sejdina music says:

    Love coffee but nothing beats my bosanska/balkanska traditional coffee black no cream no sugar mmmmm.

    1. Oooh I do like a Bosnian Coffee too☕

  8. Marina B (Insta: trcka_skvrzulja) says:

    I never thought I’d regret switching over to black coffee but sometimes when I see syrups like that or the new pistachio line from Starbucks, I get sad a little. It all tastes too sweet to me now and I can’t drink it.

    1. I usually drink black coffee. Sometimes I add a little cream or milk. Rarely sugar. But SB drinks are my dessert 🤣

    2. Sbasic says:

      I love all kind of coffee; however my favorite is Traditional Bosnian coffee😀😀

  9. Amy (@nicole51482) says:

    We love coffee! My husband is addicted to Death Wish coffee (helps that he went to school with the founder!) but I’m a Starbucks gal lol I’m actually more into tea than coffee but we still have coffee at least once a day in my home! I love a cinnamon or vanilla (sometimes both!) flavor, but caramel brûlée is flipping amazing!! We do French press for all coffee though.

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