Have you heard of the 75 HARD Mental Toughness challenge?

If you have not, it’s a technical guide to winning a war with yourself. It is a book by Andy Frisella that basically promises to transform your confidence, self esteem, self worth, self belief, fortitude and grittiness. For 75 days straight and with zero breaks, you have to train your mind and body to follow a list of rules.

You think you can do it?


#1 Follow a diet. All 75 days. No cheat meals.

#2 Workout 2 times a day. 45 minutes each and 1 of them has to be outside.

#3 Drink a gallon of water per day.

#4 Read 10 pages of a non fiction, entrepreneur book.

#5 Take a progress picture every day.

I don’t know about you but even 5 days of this challenge sounds scary. Right?

And if you need to know anything about me, let it be this: I have commitment issues. So when I read about this 75 hard challenge, I was scared. Scared but motivated and inspired.

Inspired to make it my own. A challenge with myself. To prove to ME, that I can in fact, commit to something. Small, attainable goals within my means.

Which lead me to my 20 • 20 • 20 challenge.

I knew I couldn’t do 75 HARD, but I also knew that I could do something.

So at the beginning of 2021, I set some goals for ME. And my something was to workout or be active for at least 20 minutes each day, read 20 minutes every day and go outside for 20 minutes per day.

Sounds easy enough, right?


Some days were easier than others. On many occasions I did a simple 20 minute workout. But other days I would completed three workouts. There were times where I would skip reading but made up for it the next time. We had a ton of rainy days this season too so I made sure to soak up all the sunshine when it was available.

So, just like life, my plan wasn’t smooth or perfect. But it was my plan and I stuck with it.

Mission accomplished.

What did I accomplish exactly?

I’ve read 15 books, completed 130 iFit workouts, and spent hours upon hours outdoors. I also lost 10 pounds. But the committed to myself and this challenge outweighs all of that. Here I am six months later, still doing it. And I will continue to do so.

I know this is more of a mental game and by giving myself goals that are small but attainable, I trained my mind to follow through. This is the key to everything. Now that I know I can do it, making new but small changes, will help me learn to adjust and keep going.

If you are interested in the 75 HARD Challenge, you can find it here. But if you want to create your own challenge and keep track, go for it. Just grab any journal and track your progress. Pick any 3-5 goals, write them out, post them all over the house, tell people about it and go for it. You too can be the master of your body and mind.

x, Dijana

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