Girls Weekend – Scottsdale, AZ

girls weekend scottsdale

Pack your bags and grab your gals because Scottsdale, Arizona is where it’s at!

It really is the perfect destination for a low key girls weekend. But don’t worry, you can crank it up too. Let me show you what we did, where we stayed and how we celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday.

Come on in.

scottsdale az girls trip

Scottsdale is home to breathtaking views, an array of fun and relaxing things to do. From amazing restaurants, to a flourishing cocktail scene, ton of history, museums and endless shopping = there really is something for everyone.

Truly the place to be for a girls weekend! And if you are an influencer, this town is a photo op dream.


We originally booked The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch. But about a week before our trip, I saw some not so nice reviews of the place and panicked. Luckily for us, we were able to cancel and rebook for a much trendier hotel in town – The Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town. Thanks Expedia.

the canopy by hilton old town

From the moment you walk in, you feel ingulfed by style and beauty. It is very much Arizona and oh so beautiful. Clean grounds, fantastic rooms, amazing staff and killer cocktails. Breakfast was not complimentary but a full breakfast menu at Cobre Kitchen is available. Located on the first floor of the hotel.

The bar upstairs, Outrider Rooftop Lounge, on the 7th floor, not only has some of the best views of Scottsdale but also a great menu as well as drinks.

However, the highlight was the pool. Which brings me to my next point:


By the pool.

the canopy by hilton old town

The Canopy pool is also located on the 7th floor but it is securely separated from the bar. It is small but very chic and the views are unlike any other. Enjoy 360 degrees of Scottsdale and it’s gorgeous mountains. Especially Camelback. Ahhhh!

The water was kept cool and refreshing. Which I appreciated very much. Especially on a 100 degree day.

They even have 3 private cabanas for rent if you need more shade and privacy. And servers are always walking around. We never had to leave the pool for drinks or food.


Upon arrival we grabbed cocktails and appetizers the bar upstairs. Everything was delish. But beware, the slushies are strong. They will hit you hard. At least that’s what happened to me. Amature! HA-HA

For dinner we grabbed tacos and quesadillas from Salty Senoritas and they were just okay.

The next morning we walked over to FOURTILLFOUR coffee shop and we were in for a treat. They had a full car event going on. So not only did we enjoy the best coffee we had while in Scottsdale (highly recommend this place), we also got a show. Super classy cars and some unique rides. Loved it.

That same morning we grabbed a few bagels and mimosas from Cobre Kitchen. We weren’t really that hungry and wanted something small but the bagels were overpriced and not worth it. I would definitely suggest trying something else or going elsewhere. The mimosa was great and our server was very nice.

girls weekend scottsdale

Another day we decided to do some biking and biked to Cartel coffee for iced lattes. They were really bad. Super sour. We ended up throwing them away. It was a sad, sad moment for us both.

That same night, for dinner, my sister picked an Italian restaurant EVO. It was amazing. The pizza was scrumptious and the wine selection = exquisite. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal. But heads up, 1 pizza is enough for 2 people. We had plenty of leftovers for the next day.

The following day we had lattes from the Cobre Kitchen, in house, and they were great.

Brunch was at Alo Cafe and it wasn’t my favorite. That is all I will say about it.

For our final dinner, we visited The Mission. It was recommended by a lady we met at the pool and she was 100% right. It was luscious. The atmosphere is iconic and the tacos are out of this world. Sophisticated, yet casual, modern Latin cuisine. Highly recommend Mission Fries too. But the services is where it’s at. Everyone was welcoming, kind and accommodating. We had tons of laughs and even got shots and dessert on the house. Thank you The Mission.

One of the nights we tried Loco Patron for margaritas and they were delicious as well.


We walked A LOT. We explored Old Town for everything that it is. This historic district is full of galleries and restaurants. 5th Avenue and Scottsdale Road is the shopping hotspot. Anything and everything you need, you will find it here. Very Southwestern.

Our hotel had complimentary bike rentals, so we took advantage of that and went for a bike ride around town. It was so much fun. HOT, but fun. We stopped at a few shops and scouted the area for night spots and restaurants. It was a great way to see the city.

girls weekend scottsdale
girls weekend scottsdale
girls weekend scottsdale
girls weekend scottsdale

We also had a plan to hike Camelback Mountain but upon further investigation, it is not for the faint of hearts. So we settled on The Hole In The Rock. A mini version of Camelback, with some spectacular views and not far from our hotel either.

For night entertainment, we walked over to their Entertainment district. The clubs were a little too crazy for us. Particularly me because I am too old. But there are plenty of less crazy, very fun, bars and live music venues to choose from. We settled on the Wasted Grain and we had a blast. The music was live, the band was funny and entertaining, there was no cover charge and the drinks were reasonably priced and flowing. Very unique with ample seating indoor and out.

We also woke up super early one morning to watch the sun rise. It was immensely beautiful.

sunrise scottsdale az girls trip


  • Everything is within 15 minute walking distance from The Canopy Hotel but in general, most things are conveniently located.
  • Bring comfortable sandals if you plan on walking around the city or gym shoes but expect some funky tan lines.
  • Ditch the heels unless you plan on ubering or golf carting it everywhere.
  • Golf cart services are available all throughout the town and run pretty much all night. Just flag one down and get to your next bar or club.
  • Bring extra clothes and underwear. You will sweat your balls off.
  • Make dinner reservations ahead of time if you plan on trying some of their fancier/ more popular places.
  • Bring your wallet. Things are pretty pricey in Scottsdale.
  • When you arrive, I would highly recommend visiting a Walgreens or find another store nearby and stock up on water. Otherwise you will pay about $5 per bottle at the hotels. Also if you want to buy Arizona t-shirts, they are $6.99 at Walgreens vs $14-20 at the stores around town. But supporting small businesses is always great too.
  • Most of the night action is in the Entertainment district but all of the bars have music and outdoor seating with mist-ers. You will have fun no matter where you go.

girls weekend scottsdale

While this was a quick weekend getaway for us, we managed to see plenty, shop until our feet hurt, try new foods and party all night. Overall a very successful trip to Scottsdale. I would definitely recommend it to friends, couples and families.

Where should we go next?

x, Dijana

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  1. Emina Mehic says:

    Looks like you girls had a blast! We have the opportunity to move to Scottsdale or FL and can’t decide which to pick. 😫

    1. Oh my gosh. That’s an amazing opportunity. I would visit both for a few days and you will know if it feels like home

      1. Emina Mehic says:

        I just hear that it’s soooo hot. Maybe my fat will melt there 😂 💛

    2. Amina Cook says:

      What a great blog post’ always love reading your blogs!! You girls make me wanna do a girls trip to AZ! Once babies grow a lil bigger I am for sure doing this!!

  2. Sabina says:

    OMg that looks like so much fun. I love that you were able to do this for yourself 💕💕💕

    1. It was definitely as much for me as it was for her.

  3. Amy nicole (insta- nicole51482) says:

    Well that settles it. I don’t know when or how or who with, but I am absolutely going to Scottsdale! 😍😍 so many beautiful pictures of things to see and amazing ideas of things to do!! 💛

  4. Timothy Price says:

    That was a lot of fun. Good for you two.

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