Two ‘FREE’ Holiday Games (printable)

Between all of the holiday shopping, wrapping, classroom parties and families visiting each other, who has time to come up with new games to keep the kids entertained? Am I right?

Lucky for you, I created two FREE printables that are perfect for your little ones and their classroom parties. But also for family gatherings or any time you need a break. Just download, print and let the kids have some fun.

I can’t promise hours of entertainment, but it will keep them busy for a bit.

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The first one is super fun and easy for elementary school kids. You can make it a game. Who ever finishes first, wins a small prize. Have fun with it.

The second one is a scavenger hunt that may be more suitable to do at home. Since it may get the kids out of the house for at least a bit. But again, you can make it a game. Who finds the most items, gets to pick the movie for family movie night.

Do you like games like this for your kids and families?

I like to incorporate a few of these easy but entertaining games to break up some boredom. It usually gets the kids distracted just enough to get creative and come up with games on their own too. It’s a win-win!

Don’t forget to also check out our Winter Family Bingo and that will give you more ideas to keep you and your loved ones busy on those “I am bored” days.

Until next time, Happy Holidays.

x, Dijana

printable holiday games

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