Camping Alternatives For the Whole Family

Camping is one of those things that you either love or hate. And if you fall into the latter category [like me], there is a chance that just the thought of spending a single night – let alone a week or more – in a tent, puts you into a cold sweat.


Often, this is due to bad experiences in the past, or some inner fear of the great outdoors. But regardless, the truth is, that if you hate camping and refuse to go, you are missing out or so I have been told. So I looked into alternatives. Sure enough, there are plenty of ways to camp but with a lot more of the home comfort.

Let’s take a look at these smart camping ideas for people who hate camping!


Glamping – glamorous camping, in other words – has been around for a while now. They were well worth investigating if you avoid regular tents like the plague. Some even have their own en-suite toilets and showers, some have fires or wood burners that you can cook with and keep warm, and others have super comfy furniture and accessories that match anything you will find in a hotel. Now, before you go booking your first glamping trip, be aware that there are many forms of it – so check the details and features available before you hand over your credit card.

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The camper van experience

If it’s the weather that makes you avoid tents, why not try a camper-van experience? The traditional VW Camper is still a hugely popular traveler’s vehicle, but there are plenty of other manufacturers designing bigger and better vans that offer a lot more legroom and comfort. We could consider adding a pop-top roof to a standard camper-van or if you have extra cash, buy a roof top tent, and you will free up even more space – as well as being able to look at the stars at night time in sheer comfort.

The house on wheels

What do you get if you cross traditional camping with a cabin? The answer could be something like this tiny house on wheels. You can transport it anywhere with a trailer, and the investment should pay off with savings on your vacations for years to come. They look incredibly versatile, and can still give us camping and cabin dwelling experience with all the comforts of home included. This so far is my favorite.

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The caravan

Finally, let’s not forget about the humble trailer, camper truck or caravan, which is making a big comeback these days. Staying in a caravan is pretty much exactly like staying in a tent. Only you are surrounded by metal or sturdy plastic instead of a tarp, and, of course, you will have the benefits of a private bathroom and shower – without facing the expense of paying for a hotel. Caravan vacations can be a lot of fun, apparently. Even when the weather is bad, it can be a cozy environment with heating, cooking facilities, and the warmth of a nice bed.

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So camping doesn’t have to be a drag after all. And let’s be honest, there is no better way of getting up close and personal with nature than spending it in the countryside or overlooking a lake.

I always wanted to go camping but like I mentioned above, the thought of sleeping in a tent terrifies me. So if tents aren’t your thing either, try one of the alternatives listed above and see how you get on – we all might be surprised!

x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

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