Happy Friday. This week is dedicated to childhood!



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Flash Fridays

In honor of my passion for photography, starting this week, I will publish a post every other Friday strictly dedicated to my work.

Enjoy 📸

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Why You Should Book A Vacation Portrait Session

Why You Should Book A Vacation Portrait Session according to www.pineappleportraits.com

As a mom and a former photographer, I know how much emotion and love family portraits can bring. The pure enjoyment of time spent together and freezing a moment of time, can be so rewarding. Sometimes it is so easy to forget milestones and memories but with the right photographer, you can relive those moments and create timeless treasures that you will never ever regret. Just like family vacations. 

Family vacations are all about creating memories together. Building and capturing that bond and excitement in a photograph is eternal. That is why Daytona Beach Photographers, Pineapple Portraits love documenting family beach vacations.

White sandy beaches and the theme park capital of the world make Florida a hot spot for family vacations and elopements.


And the best souvenir? A vacation photography session.
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Taking Better Photos – eGuide

Do you have a DSLR camera but struggle with all of the features? Do you want to take sharper photos of your family but need a little guidance? Maybe you just want to skip the confusing manuals and need an easy to follow guide? If the answer is yes to any of those, then you need =


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