A few of my favorite things!

Good morning and HAPPY SPRING.

I wanted to share some of my all time favorites aka necessities with all of you. Things that I believe every lady should have. From perfumes, handbags, photography gadgets, to jewelry, and make up favorites.

Let’s get started.

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Everyday bag: I love all handbags. Although I was much more into purses back in my 20s, I still get an itch now and again for something new and stylish! However, I shop for more practical and functional items these days. I prefer a bag that is easy to wear and has enough room for everyday mom life. A backpack or a cross-body to be exact and I always find them on Amazon, Target or TJ MAXX!


Evening bag: I also have several going out bags. Different colors, sizes and styles for different outfits and venues. But my favorite one is this HOBO bag! It goes with everything and it is easy to carry. I’ve had this bag for over 14 years now and it is still in mint condition. A classic.

Jewelry: Of course I wear my wedding set every day! But when I want to wear some arm candy, I add my Movado watch, Pandora rings and necklace [not featured].

Every day Smart Watch: My new favorite and every day necessity is this amazing MisFit Vapor Smart Watch 😍 I know they have been out for a long time and almost everyone has them. But if you do not – this is the one to get!

It is my first smart watch and I am never taking it off. The design is so slick and versatile, unisex and super classy. It can be customized to your liking with different, faces or personal photos and even some new colored straps. I am particularly jazzing this up with a rose gold strap for spring and can not wait to get it.

It was so easy to link up with my Android phone [iPhone compatible as well]. Couple of simple steps and I was showing it off in no time. But not only does it motivate me to move more, it also allows me to avoid carrying my phone at all times. I get all of my notifications and can  reply to important messages if need be.

Find out more amazing details directly at www.misfit.com

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Perfumes: Oh how I love my Burberry perfumes. I am absolutely sold on each and every one of them. But here is one that I particularly love. It smells divine and I always get asked about it!

Make up: This is a tricky one. I like to try out new make up brands all of the time. A few that I rely on and trust are MAC, Urban Decay, Maybeline and Make up Forever [not featured]. Here area  few that I use on regular basis!


Photography: This is my baby. Been through thick and thin with me! Nikon D7000. I had other Nikons before this but D7000 is my favorite so far. The standard lens kit that comes with this camera is perfect for beginners and semi pros as well. I was able to use it for 2 years, even professionally and the quality is fantastic. Highly recommend this DSLR.

Here are a few lenses outside of the kit that are amazing = Nikon 85mm & Yongnuo 50mm. These are must haves if you ask me. Produce absolutely gorgeous photos. The 50mm is a cheaper version but it does the trick and works well!

Few other photography must haves. Stand, remote and flash.


Back up/ storage: This is super important. You need to have some sort of external hard drive to store all of your photos, documents, tax information and so forth. We have tried several but this is the one I would recommended.


Music: I need music in my life. I love it. It calms me down, it hypes me up, it makes me dance and even cry. Music is my life! It can instantly change my mood from bad to good and I love that!

Coffee: Let’s be real, we all need mommy juice to survive this madness. My fuel just happens to be coffee. If you have been following me you already know my weakness: Starbucks. If you are new – welcome to all things STARBUCKS! 😆

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Hot glue gun! You just have to have one. For quick bow fixes, to school projects. There isn’t a thing a hot glue gun can’t fix 👌

What are your mom must haves? Share in comments below.

x, Dijana

More on the smart watch:

  • A sleek and modern touchscreen smartwatch that puts everything you need to stay active, connected and inspired – right on your wrist.
  • Compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones
  • Standalone music player + storage that connects directly to wireless headphones
  • View and track heart rate with built-in sensor
  • Swimproof + water resistant up to 50m
  • Connected GPS displays run and activity routes, metrics and stats
  • On-display email, call, text, and app notifications + vibration alerts and alarms
  • Virtual Touch Bezel for seamless scrolling and navigating
  • Magnetic charger that ensures an all-day battery life
  • #misfit #MisfitVapor #BeAMisfit #MisfitParner #joinstatus #gifted


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