Flip-Phone Parenting trend

You may be just as shocked as I am but flip-phone parenting is a trend to watch in 2019!

Now…the chances of this actually sticking around are slim but you have to admit, it makes sense.

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So you want to be an influencer? FREE GUIDE.

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with.

You’ve heard this title before, you know what it is, you are intrigued by the concept, the perks and now you want to be part of this revolution but you don’t know where to start. Well come on in. I will share some of my favorite websites and my secrets with all of you for free.

Welcome to the world of social media marketing.

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A few of my favorite things!

Good morning and HAPPY SPRING.

I wanted to share some of my all time favorites aka necessities with all of you. Things that I believe every lady should have. From perfumes, handbags, photography gadgets, to jewelry, and make up favorites.

Let’s get started.

All images are linked to the products. For more information, click away!

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Taking Better Photos – eGuide

Do you have a DSLR camera but struggle with all of the features? Do you want to take sharper photos of your family but need a little guidance? Maybe you just want to skip the confusing manuals and need an easy to follow guide? If the answer is yes to any of those, then you need =


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Portable Charger!

If you are anything like me, your phone’s battery does NOT last a full day. Between all of the photos I take, texts and all of the social media updates I make, my battery is dead by end of the day. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone at night and in the morning I am struggling to charge it fast enough. I have a charger in my car at all times but I am not always at home or in the car to charge my phone. Plus, does it seem like your phone is  dying at the most inconvenient times?! Right when you want to pull up your Target Cartwheel app or respond to an important email?! Yet you are no where near a charger! Well, that is my life 😆 and thanks to Tablet2Cases, I no longer have to worry about that or my kids tablets running out of juice on the go! Check it out.

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