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Delicious Dutch Oven Bread

Bread baking is my specialty. I learned how to make bread when I was a little girl. Growing up in Bosnia, it was and still, very much a tradition to teach your kids to bake and cook. It’s a piece of our culture and something that we are very proud of.

My Seven (7) Can Soup

I see you! I see you hoarding those canned goods. You went a little overboard in the last couple of months and that’s okay. I did too. With the way everyone was behaving and shopping back in March, I am happy we snagged a few extra cans! Now what? Let’s make some 7 can soup. …

Healthy Cabbage Soup

Hello there, Every couple of weeks, I go through my fridge and pantry and do a thorough “clean up.” But not your typical “throw in the trash and rearrange” clean up. This is more of a, let’s see what is about to go bad, expire and needs to be used up immediately, kind of clean …

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