How many times do you reheat your coffee? 


If you are a mom like me, you know exactly what I mean when I say “reheat your coffee.”

My husband makes coffee every morning and usually by the time I get up, it is still nice and hot for me. However, between pouring myself a nice cup of coffee at 715am and actually drinking it at 1130am, it has been reheated at least 2 times. WHY OH WHY? Because kids!


Not anymore. I found this amazing insulated cup that holds my coffee warm for up to 8 hours. YUP. You read that correctly. EIGHT HOURS! SIC CUPS is my new best friend. Not only does it keep my coffee hot for most of the day, but this cup can keep your cocktails nice and cold for up to 24 hours. 😮 I know, right?! Sounds impossible. It really isn’t. In their own words “keep your coffee piping hot in the morning and keep your drink ice cold in the afternoon (or before noon – we don’t judge).”

I am buying one more for my husband and these babies are coming with us on vacation! Have to keep those cocktails nice and cold on the beach.

They are easy to hold, available in 12 colors and with a splash proof lid. They also have cocktail shakers and water bottles and can customize them as well. Go get your own SIC CUP and use my code HAZELEYES to save 25%!

x, Dijana



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