Why I choose to get up and show up, every single day?!

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Why I choose to get up and show up, every single day?!

We are all busy. We all have a sh*t load of things to do. We are tired. We are overwhelmed. We put too much pressure on ourselves and our families. But that can’t always be an excuse.

Even though I am a wreck some of the time, I am afraid most of the time, and I am definitely complicated all of the time… I still choose to show up.

I show up for myself. I show up for my kids. My husband. My family and my friends. Because….

-ME! I choose to get up and show up for me. For myself, my goals and my dreams. I was someone before marriage and kids and I can’t loose sight of that. My goals and dreams might have shifted but I am still me.

-I am grateful for this beautiful life of mine.

-I don’t want my kids to remember mom as tired, crabby, and a hot mess.

-I want to feel good EVERY day. Mascara helps.

-I want to enjoy life too.

-I love my family and if I am happy, they are happy.

-I want to set a good example for myself, my kids and others around me.

-I push myself because I have a lot of life left to live. I want to feel every minute of every day.

-Even though my husband loves me for me, I know he also didn’t fall in love with my every day pajama, top knot, dark eye circles and moody look either. I still want to make him smile. I challenge myself to stay vital and up to date. Even when it hurts.

-There will be plenty of years for sickness and bed-rest but for now I want to live past the exhaustion.

-I think of my parents and what they went through as young parents. They escaped a war, lived through concentration camps, moved to new countries and learned new languages, had to start over – over again. I have no excuse. I have everything going for me and all of the opportunities in front of me. It would be selfish of me not to take advantage of that.

At the end of the day, whatever it is – I can do it miserably or I can do it happily! But I still have to do it. So I, for one, would prefer to get up, show up and enjoy it.  

With that I challenge you my friends – make a change. Do just one thing differently today. Do it for yourself! I am there with you ♡

x, Dijana

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