Small Business Saturdays

Welcome back to another feature of Small Business Saturdays!

I am genuinely in awe and so happy to represent another set of boss babes.

When I first thought of this, I had no plans on just featuring women. This is open to all. But the fact that all of my highlighted businesses turned out to be from some incredible ladies, is icing on the cake.

Let me introduce you to another 3 small businesses.

Meet Adnana from Vintage Nest Decor Co

Adnana Mustafic – Vintage Nest Decor Co

Who is Adnana?

Adnana is a stay at home mom to two little ones. A sweet boy who is 4 and a brand new baby girl (1). She is married to an amazingly supportive husband who truly makes Vintage Nest Decor Co possible. They are based out of Idaho, hand make all of their signs and have sold over 900 Modern Farmhouse wooden signs. These two make a true dream team. Adnana loves all things decor but Modern Farmhouse is her jam.

What made you start Vintage Nest Decor Co?

One of my biggest passions has always been decor and design + interior decorating. I have always loved creating little signs and projects for myself . But when I became a SAHM, I knew I had to share my talent with the world. I had a little extra time and had to make something out of my hobby. I wanted to share it with others. So Vintage Nest Decor Co was born.

Let’s start shopping. You can click on any of the photos and it will take you directly to her Etsy page.

Keep in mind, that anything can be customized. Contact Adnana via Etsy or Instagram and make your dream sign. One thing you are sure to get is excellent quality and service.

Meet Sejla Cesko Bajramovic from Milky Knots Co

Who is behind Milky Knots Co?

Sejla Cesko Bajramovic is the creator and owner of Milky Knots Co. She is originally from Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina but has been living in Lawrenceville, GA for the past 21 years. She is married and a mom to a sweet one year old daughter. Who is her inspiration for everything! Especially this awesome small business.

Why Milky Knots Co?

Being a preschool teacher with no kids at home was easy. But after having my little girl and deciding I didn’t want to put her in daycare or have anyone watch her, I only had one choice – to be a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home was so hard for me in the beginning because I was used to working and it was driving me crazy. I was also spending a LOT of money on baby accessories for my little girl. Before I knew it, I decided making them for her on my own. I jokingly posted it on my personal Instagram story and got so many mamas asking about them. The support was overwhelming and I am forever grateful. Milkyknotsco blew up and I was shocked. I still am – honestly. I love what I do and seeing so many little babes in my products just makes my heart melt. I have made so many mama friends through my business and I am so blessed and grateful for all those who support me and help my business/following grow.   

Now let’s make your babies even cuter with these incredible knots!!!

Visit and

use DIJANA15 at checkout for a sweet deal.

Oh yes and don’t forget to check out all of her baby models on Instagram 😍

Meet Sharron Burgess from Lovely Hippy Jewlery


My name is Sharon Burgess and I am a mom of three children who lives in Ventura County, California. I spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible and am I constantly surrounding myself in the beautiful planet that we have been so blessed to live on. I have always been so inspired by nature and I take much of that appreciation and inspiration into my work. 

What inspires you?

All of my jewelry is inspired by our beautiful planet and in respect to that, I have made my business as sustainable as possible and continue improving that each day. All of my jewelry is created from recycled materials and materials being diverted from the waste stream. In fact, all of the leather I use in my pieces is diverted from the waste stream and much of it comes from the materials from UGG production that would be discarded. While I have been in business for 20 years, I very recently moved online, which is new to me; as I had always been in boutiques up until this point. I am so appreciative of everything that people do to support my business, whether it is something as simple as liking my post and following me on Instagram or buying something from my shop, which can be found on Etsy.

I will let Sharron’s creations speak for themselves because they are absolutely in a league of their own. Stunning. But for a special treat (free domestic shipping in the United States), please use my code HAZELEYES. Happy shopping.

Aren’t these just incredible? I love the details and craftmanship.

That concludes another incredible Small Business Saturday. Please consider shopping local and shopping small business. Give back to your family, friends and community. Holidays are just around the corner and your purchases at big box stores, won’t make a dent but it WILL make a huge difference with a small business.

Thank you all and I can’t wait to see what you buy. Tag me in Instagram!

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