Family Fun at Fair Oaks Farm – Fair Oaks, Indiana

Looking for something new and exciting to do this summer?

Look no further because has your back once again!

Let me take you on a quick adventure and show you why you should make Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana your new destination.

If you are new around here, one of my family’s favorite things to do is to go on adventures. We want to fill our days and weekends with as many new experiences and make as many new memories as we can. Last weekend was no exception.

Fair Oaks Farms is located in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Which is just about an hour south of Chicago and almost 2 hours from Elgin, IL.

During our visit to Fair Oaks Farms, we had the pleasure of participating in their annual Fair In The Air Event. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the fair was in full force. The kites that were on display along with the kites that other families brought and made on site, were some of the best kites we have ever seen. I was blown away, literally 🙂 They even had synchronized dancing kites. Which featured talented teams from all over the Midwest who soar to the sky with quad and dual lines.  Simply ahhhh-mazing!

While I did a little bit of research before we came to FOF and I knew our kids would have a blast – I did not expect the amount of excitement that was about to commence. From their extensive PIG, COW and CROP Adventures, to shopping, dining, indoor and outdoor play areas – we were in awe! So much to do and so much fun. We could have easily spent the entire weekend here and we will, soon.

If you want to make it a fun weekend, book your stay at Fairfield by Marriott. Which is so conveniently connected to their Farmhouse Restaurant. It is new and the only Fairfield that is shaped like a barn! Super cool features and details that fit right in with Fair Oaks Farms.

The Farmhouse Restaurant is one of the dining options on premises. They hosts public and private events and their farm to table menu and portions are outstanding. The Cowfe is infamous of their grilled cheese sandwich but also offers other lunch options, souvenirs, an array of fresh farm cheese, ice cream and of course milk! But if you are in a hurry and want something super quick on the way home, stop by their Dairycatessen to fuel up your bellies and gas tank!

We enjoyed every bite and even witnessed several parties plus a wedding while we were there. Truly a special experience.

Even though we went to Fair Oaks Farms to explore their farm and agricultural adventures, we walked away with so much more. So much knowledge about the animals and agriculture in general. We were particularly impressed with their initiative to showcase modern farming while protecting the environment, caring for their animals and producing the highest quality product! So beautiful and inspiring.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves but in the meantime go visit and have a blast. THIS FARM IS DEFINITELY FULL OF SURPRISES.

x, Dijana

Fair oaks farm, Indiana

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x, Dijana

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