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This week I am featuring 3 amazing women, yet again. I am so honored, inspired and proud of all of my connections. Thank you all for trusting me with your businesses and I wish you nothing but success.

Let’s introduce them.

Meet Sabina from Knjige Za Klince

Sabina Fidahic – Knjige Za Klince

Who is behind Knjige za klince?

Sabina Fidahić is the owner, operator, translator, designer, website editor and everything else of Knjige Za Klince! It’s a YouTube channel that brings stories from all over the world to kids in the Balkans. She personally picks each story, translates it if needed, and creates entertaining but educational videos for kids of all ages. She has two handsome little boys ages 5 and 8 that help her choose the best stories so she can keep things interesting for her little audience. Professionally, her background is in sales and marketing and she’s done a lot of work that emphasizes intrapersonal communications and developmental psychology. Her goal is to make sure that kids have a fun and safe way to learn about the world around them. But she offers an alternative to hours of mindless YouTube videos, with no point, or same-old songs that parents get stuck in their head (you know which ones) and begin to resent pretty fast. 

Where did this idea come from?

My motivations were selfish to begin with. I had two main reasons: my children. They are American and they don’t speak our language which always made me sad. I have a little niece that lives in Bosnia that I only get to see once a year and I wanted to somehow be a part of her daily life. I was thinking of a way to solve that problem, and, so, Knjige Za Klince was born. My children love the videos, and have quadrupled their vocabulary, and I get to “tell” my niece a bedtime story every night. As I started to publish videos, I started to hear from diaspora mamas who thanked me profusely for giving their kids a chance to retain our culture and our language. I also started to hear from Balkan moms who were grateful their kids had a safe option that didn’t include the same old stories that are sometimes not even appropriate for today’s times or just get boring after a while. I realized how important it is to have something like this so now I’m building a community that will usher in the next generation of open minded individuals that can, hopefully, make the world a better place.

For more information about Sabina and Knjige Za Klince, please make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Meet Aldijana from Wiltedesigns

Aldijana – Wiltedesigns

Who is Aldijana?

Aldijana (much like like me) likes to go by Dee because pronouncing our names is a conversation on it’s own. But she is from Chicago and a full time stay at home mama of two handsome boys. She is a kicka$$ artist and a very talented photographer as well. She is funny, witty and brutally honest and I love following her journey.

Tell us more about Wiltedesigns?

I was always an art fanatic and mostly stick to watercolor mixed media art but have recently fallen in love with the art of resin. I have combined my love for wilted botanicals + resin which helped me create these wilted botanical torso figurines. Each figurine is one of a kind that I never replicate just as every person is one of a kind and has no replica. My figurines can look similar but never the same. That is how Wiltedesigns was born.

(if you see something you like, just click on the image and it will take you directly to their shop)

Pregnant Crystal Clear Woman Body Sculpture Female Torso image 0
Pregnant Crystal Clear Woman Body Sculpture
Halloween inspired Crystal clear male body sculpture male image 0
Halloween inspired Crystal clear male body sculpture
Beautiful Crystal clear woman body sculpture

I am in love with each and over one of her pieces. I would buy them all but for now, I have one sweet piece that I absolutely love.

Don’t forget to follow Aldijana on Instagram and favorite her Etsy account, because what better gift than a one of a kind resin piece? Go get them before they sell out.

Meet Adisa from AdisaNthat

Adisa – Adisanthat

Tell us about yourself Adisa and what you have created here with Adisanthat.

My name is Adisa and I am originally from Eastern Europe; Bosnia! I grew up in Atlanta, GA, moved to Grand Rapids, MI and currently live in South Bend, IN. What made me start this “Adisanthat,” is my love and obsession with home decor and organization. Having the ability to craft and open peoples minds to see what we can create together. Their ideas and my skills = unique pieces.

I became a mom, and now a stay at home mom, and thought to myself ‘why don’t I start a business.’ The name Adisanthat is from my name is Adisa, and that’ (this and that) a little bit of everything that we’re gonna be custom making. Some of my creations are permanent while others are one of a kind pieces. I just love making people happy through my art. I want to make fun things & grow my business on Etsy and with friends & family! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

I love working with artisans that make custom work and the following two shirts were made by Adisa for me. I came up with the idea and she put it all together for us. We love them – thank you Adisa!!!!

For more info, please follow Adisa on Instagram and check out her Etsy page ASAP! You won’t regre it.

So, what do you think of this week’s features? I mean, come on! Some of the most amazing pieces are being created by these talented women that I am proud to know. Keep up the great work ladies.

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