Making Earrings and Raising Money for a local Animal Shelter

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Making Earrings and Raising Money for a local Animal Shelter

Happy October folks and welcome to a very special blog post.

Today on World Smile Day, I have so much to smile about. But mostly about my wonderful daughter. Let me tell you all about her.

Adriana is sassy. She is moody but she is oh so very creative. She is always drawing, painting, playing and creating scenes with her toys, on different apps and so forth. She loves the creative field. It’s so her. She is also, only 10!

She comes up with new ideas all of the time. Some very simple, others challenging and some quiet expensive. It’s safe to say that not all of the ideas see fruition. Not all ideas are financially feasible. But most of her ideas we support and it is so fun to watch.

For example, a few years ago it was her idea to do a lemonade stand. It was also her idea to collect canned goods for a local animal shelter. So we did just that. We not only collected cans but also raised some cash too. It was a fun day and they talk about it all of the time. But we never got around to it again.

Fast forward to 2020, she wanted to do another lemonade stand and for the same cause. But with COVID, a lemonade stand wasn’t the safest idea. So we thought about other ways we could help.

Thanks to TIKTOK and other social channels, she saw a ton of girls starting small businesses and posting about them. She always talked about having some sort of business and loved the idea of making earrings. Clay earrings to be exact.

A few weeks in, I purchased a pair of clay earrings from one of my Small Business Saturday features, and when they came in, Adriana thought they were so cool. She was so inspired and reminded me again, how she wanted to do that. So after a little digging, some research and a lot of shopping – PiccolaMadre Etsy shop was born.

She picks the colors, she chooses the shapes, she finds patters and creates designs on her phone. But I help her put it all together. I help her bake it, hoop the pieces, take photographs and manage the online shop. And I am darn proud to be her assistant. She is in school and she just started this. She will learn all of the pieces, one at a time. But for now, I will help as much as I can.

She creates this on her tablet or phone and then we work on it.

She did so well that we sold out in 2 days. TWO DAYS!!!!

Best part is – 50% of all sales (through Thanksgiving 2020) will be donated to Anderson Animal Shelter. So far we have raised $71!!! Thank you all for your support. This is so much better than a lemonade stand.

So without further ado, here are some of Adriana’s latest designs. GO SHOP! Click on any photo and it will take you directly to Etsy.

If you want a specific color or shape, feel free to send us a message on Etsy. But consider giving back with us. Happy shopping.

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