Chore list – ages 7 and 10

chores for kids

I just realized that the last time I shared our chore list, the kids were 5 and 8. 😲 What?! Where has the time gone? Yiikes.

My kids are now 7 and 10, almost 8 & 11, so naturally things have changed.

Here are the updated chore lists.

Over the years I have learned how to make chores fun for kids. And while that made sense when they were little, it doesn’t translate well into the preteen age. At all! I have to be more creative these days and frankly, more demanding. It’s this for that type of a game now.

Also they now know, that chores are part of our rules. My ultimate goal is to teach them to take care of themselves and their surroundings. To respect their space but also help out.

However, what I have also learned through parenting is that all kids are different. Each kid and their chore list depends on ability, interest, developmental readiness, and needs. These two lists are specifically geared towards my kids and our home. But they can serve as guidance if you don’t know where to start.

I have also included a blank CHORE CHART at the end for your personal needs.

Have fun!

chore list age 7/8
chore list age 10/11

What’s an important chore on your list?

Also, check out the Chore Lists for 3 and 6 year olds here.

x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

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