To my Refugee/ Immigrant parents: Thank You!

refugee parents

Hi Mom and Dad,

Thank you.

Thank you for everything that you have sacrificed consciously and subconsciously to ensure I never felt the cruelty of life.

Thank you for risking your lives, LITERALLY, to make sure I escaped one of the most horrific wars of modern times.

Thank you for moving countless countries, learning numerous new languages, and living out of suitcases until we found a new and safer place to live.

Thank you for, despite all that was stacked against you, a great and fun childhood.

Thank you for sacrificing your happiness to keep me safe, fed and healthy.

Thank you for all the sleepless nights and all of the decisions that had to be made to secure my future.

Thank you for never giving up on me even when I gave you all the reasons to.

Thank you for guiding me but also letting me learn from my own mistakes.

Thank you for never being mean to my friends even when you didn’t like them.

Thank you for working the oddest of jobs to make the most out of some pretty crappy life situations.

Thank you for being dedicated and devoted to each other even when circumstances made it nearly impossible.

Thank you for teaching me to stay on track, to do what I love, to be happy with what I have, to have pride, work hard, be respectful but still have fun.

Thank you for loving me even when I didn’t deserve it.

Thank you for being tough. It all makes sense now.

Thank you for trying, failing but always picking yourself up.

I know that THANK YOU will never be enough but I hope I can repay you some day.

With unconditional love and respect,

Your daughter.

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