Outdoor fun with Spider Disc Games

It is no secret that we love spending time outdoors. Much like our partner, we seek activities that are engaging and cooperative. Something about being together and having fun, it gives us positive energy - until someone looses a game. 🤣 Have kids they said, it will be fun they said! #parentingishard This time we … Continue reading Outdoor fun with Spider Disc Games


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Wonderful women should be celebrated daily but having a day just for Mom is fabulous. So in honor of this special day, I took it upon myself and asked my mommy friends, polled the social media circle and searched online for the best Mother's Day gifts. Most of the requests included things that I would pick as … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

All About Cats – 8th Birthday Party

H A P P Y  8 t h  B I R T H D A Y Our beautiful baby girl celebrated her 8th birthday over the weekend and it was a blast. Not technically a baby anymore and definitely growing up too fast but she will always be our little girl! I've mentioned a few posts … Continue reading All About Cats – 8th Birthday Party

Spring Fashion Pieces

  Let's talk fashion! While I love trends, I am also a bargain hunter; which can sometimes be difficult. But today I am sharing a few of my spring favorites - under $100 😉 Sunglasses: I have a few favorite brands but these are right up there in the top 3! https://www.shopsocietyeyewear.com/ Fashion forward, high … Continue reading Spring Fashion Pieces

Preschool & Kindergarten Ready!

Our son is getting ready for Kindergarten and there is a laundry list of things he needs to know before the new school year starts. Luckily he is in a great preschool program and will be ready in no time. But we also try to practice and have fun at home by incorporating things like … Continue reading Preschool & Kindergarten Ready!

A few of my favorite things!

Good morning and HAPPY SPRING. I wanted to share some of my all time favorites aka necessities with all of you. Things that I believe every lady should have. From perfumes, handbags, photography gadgets, to jewelry, and make up favorites. Let's get started. All images are linked to the products. For more information, click away! Everyday … Continue reading A few of my favorite things!

Birthday Party Must Haves

S T O P  T H E  T I M E  P L E A S E Our baby girl will be 8 in less then 20 days and she wants to plan her entire birthday party by herself. WHAT?! That used to be my job! I pride myself on putting together something fun and girly … Continue reading Birthday Party Must Haves

What I look for in a friend?

friend·ship ˈfren(d)SHip/ noun  1. the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. Everyone has friends. Some have a few close friends or several best friends and others just acquaintances. But most, like myself, have a mix of those in your life. I tend to have a handful of close people in my … Continue reading What I look for in a friend?

Portable Charger!

If you are anything like me, your phone's battery does NOT last a full day. Between all of the photos I take, texts and all of the social media updates I make, my battery is dead by end of the day. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone at night and in the morning I … Continue reading Portable Charger!