C Section Awareness

April is Cesarean Awareness Month


This also happens to be my daughter’s birth month. My first baby who was born via c-section. So this post is a homage to my happy, healthy, beautiful, smart and sassy girl! Happy Birthday Princess and welcome to what seems to be a very controversial topic in the mommy world. Cesareans!

What is Cesarean Awareness Month? Raising Awareness About Cesarean Section. A cesarean section is a surgical operation in which a baby is delivered through a cut in the front wall of the abdomen and womb. This procedure is often used when a vaginal birth carries a higher risk of complications.

This is me and my birth story.

Both of my pregnancies were wonderful. I ate well [maybe too well], I was working full time, I walked as much as I could and did not skip a beat. With Adanis I experienced fatigue early on. Even before I knew I was pregnant, my body was giving me signs. I had to sleep any chance I got. But with Adriana my body was swollen for most of my pregnancy and I was super tired towards the end. I would nap in my car at my lunch hour 😆 But it was never a question on how I would deliver my babies. Natural and un-medicated of course. Almost all of the women in my family gave birth naturally so mine wasn’t going to be any different. Or was it?

Oh how I wished for a natural birth. How I longed for that piece of motherhood. That pride of delivering a baby without an intervention. But that was not meant for me. I really tried. I gave it my all! 27 hours in fact. I pushed for a bit too. But when baby girl started showing signs of stress and low heart rate, we did what we had to do. Cesarean. Little did I know that history would repeat itself three years later with my son. Except this time when I started bleeding the week of my due date, I was admitted immediately. After a quick check up we realized that baby boy was also showing similar signs of distress and low heart rate. I was given the option of trying naturally knowing the risks or going for my second c section. You better believe when your baby’s health is in question, your pride goes out the window and you do what you have to do.  Another cesarean it was.

While I trust that my doctor made the right decision for my babies, I understand why there is a controversy. Are there doctors out there who encourage this over natural birth for their own benefits? I am sure. But for me this was the way to go. So when I hear mothers say that women who have c sections are TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT – I just want to scream. There was nothing easy about my delivery.  Our process and pain may be different but we both endured something so sacred. So special. No, I did not feel my bones crushing as I pushed my child out, but trust me I felt the contractions. Those inescapable stabbing pains. I felt the cutting, I smelled my flesh being burned, then pulled and tugged. I was uncontrollably shaking and cold the entire time. I was scared just like every mom. So please spare me your immature attacks about how your natural birth was better then mine. The only thing that matters is that babies are delivered healthy. Naturally or via cesarean. There are women in the world who wish they could experience the feeling of carrying a child while those select few are arguing who’s ride was better. Come on!

I definitely understand the benefits of a natural delivery and risks of c sections but I will forever be grateful to my wonderful doctors at Fox Valley Women’s Center. Especially Dr. Barthel for delivering both of my babies and saving us from possible complications.

So because April is Cesarean Awareness Month, I hope you choose to understand and appreciate all deliveries. All strong, beautiful and brave women and their birth stories that are unique and special.

But for me, my SCAR OF LOVE is worth celebrating.

x, Dijana


Hazel Eyes Mom

Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together. x, Dijana

2 thoughts on “C Section Awareness

  1. 👏👏👏 After my son was delivered and the meds wore off I started getting more contradictions. Here I am with this scar, stressed out from being cut open and on top of it all contractions. People don’t understand how painful c sections are for some of us. I was handicapped for two months because of it. It was awful but yet there are ignorant people saying I took the easy way out. I feel so sorry for those women. I could never talk down on someone else’s pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your story 💕

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and reading mine. Yes, I can not believe how awful some people can be. Why does it matter how the baby was delivered? At least we are all alive and well. Some women would give up the world to even have a child and I am sure they wouldn’t even care how they got there. <3

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