How do you organize your kids stuffed animals?

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How do you organize your kids stuffed animals?

Hey it’s 2019! Happy New Year everyone.

Here is the deal: we have too many toys.

Stuffed animals in particular! Possibly over 200 of them.

Yup, you read that right. 200!

I was desperate for a new way to store and organize these precious memories. But let’s face it, de-cluttering toys and playrooms can be a daunting undertaking and one that almost always feels exhausting to even attempt.

But I found the perfect solution!

Thanks to Stuff ‘N Sit from Creative QT, I did not have to do a thing. Adriana did. She was so excited for the Bean Bag Storage and helped me put away all of her stuffies just so she could sit on it. Simple as that. 3 minutes of work and it created a nice reading/ hang out space. Win win if you ask me.

Creative QT has changed Adriana’s room and gave me a piece of mind too. I am ordering another one for Donnie’s room as well but in the mean time, check it out:






More about the Stuff ‘N Sit:

  • THE ORIGINAL STUFF ‘N SIT – Our stylish stuffed animal storage organizers help you take control of your entire stuffed animal collection, wrapping up to 90 toys in one comfy pouf ottoman to instantly clean up the room.
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO PLAYROOM DECOR – Simply fill and zip to create a plush, stuffed animal bean bag chair in a matter of minutes. Children’s furniture has never been as fun and functional as putting that mountain of critters to work for you.
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY – If your home is anything like ours, stuffed animal toy storage is just the tip of the decluttering iceberg. Don’t worry, your extra throw pillows, blankets, and favorite dress up costumes are all equally stuffable.
  • MAKE TIDYING UP FUN – This stuffed animal storage bag is the extra nudge of motivation your kids need to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Need a cozy spot to curl up with your book or tablet? Just take a moment to fill up your floor pouf!
  • LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE – Our strong, soft cotton fabric and extra long, reinforced zipper will hold up for life, braving everything from your children’s energetic play to the occasional spill. We stand behind the quality workmanship of this premium kid’s bean bag.

x, Dijana

Thanks Creative QT for sponsoring this post but all of the opinions are 100% my own.

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