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World Kindness Day 11.13.2020

Hi there. Repeat after me: I am beautiful. I am strong. I am smart. I am awesome. I am kind. Now let’s spread this kindness like confetti. Make someone’s day. Send them a quick text, an email or heck, if…

30 acts of kindness

30 acts of kindness

If there is one thing we can do during these trying times, is be more grateful and kind. Be more appreciative of the things that we DO have versus focusing on everything that we currently DON’T have. I want to…

Don’t be a mean girl – it’s not cute

Good morning! Happy Sunday. Lately, I’ve come across more and more negative and bitter people, particularly women, in my space. Every single day I see a post or a screenshot of a message from a mom or a girl addressed…

Support Children’s Diabetes Foundation with BoonSupply.com

Together, we can make good things happen. -BoonSupply Yes we can! I am very proud to partner up with a company like Boon. I am excited to get get involved and give back in a meaningful yet simple way. By…

5 easy ways to give back

#GivingTuesday is November 27th. But why wait for a specific day of the year to do something nice for someone? Personally, I love to do random little things to spread kindness and give back. As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit…

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