3 things you can do outside of the house while quarantined

Bike rides – we added 3 new bikes to our family. Mainly because the kids outgrew theirs and my husband’s broke. But nevertheless, perfect timing. We have been on a few rides so far and the kids really enjoy it. We just can’t wait for the weather to get a tad better so we can enjoy this activity a lot more. It is such a nice way to get out of the house, burn some energy, enjoy the scenery and get a much needed break from all of the news and eLearning. You can do it alone or together – just do it.

We are even considering adding a bike hitch for our car so we can drive out to different trails and explore more.

Car ride scavenger hunts – A lot of places are closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive. Pick a destination and just drive. You can let the kids bring their electronics, watch a movie, read a book, or do a car ride scavenger hunt like we did. Here is one we made and you can download it for free. Have fun!

Don’t forget to take pics and tag @hazel.eyes.mom on Instagram ❤

Hikes – Google map search is your best friend. Now and always. Look up hiking places, parks and forest preserves but be sure to check if they are open. Follow the social distancing rules and enjoy some fresh air. We all need a little peace and serenity in our lives.

Come back next week for 3 more things you can do outdoors and another FREE scavenger hunt.


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